Pat McAfee wins Mecum auction for show staffer live on-air

Pat McAfee bought a gorgeous Cadillac Escalade for one of the show’s producers on Wednesday.

This week, Mecum Auctions will be held in Indianapolis, the home of McAfee.

So it was no surprise that the former Colts punter went live on his own show, which is simulcast on ESPN and YouTube.

A 2002 Escalade with just 16,000 miles was up for bid, and McAfee immediately knew it was beautiful.

Pat McAfee bought a 2002 Cadillac Escalade for his staff during the show’s auction live on Wednesday. pat mcafee show

He asked the producers to put the car’s specifications on screen so everyone could get a closer look at it, and ultimately green-lighted a bid of $21,000.

No one could outbid McAfee, so McAfee gave the car to “Tock” (real name Casey Hamel), who works behind the scenes on the show.

Hamel clips highlights of McAfee’s shows in real time and posts them to various social media platforms at breakneck speed. It’s like a short-order diner chef juggling multiple meals at once on a flat-top grill.

Mecum Auctions Chief Operating Officer Sam Murtaugh revealed how this all came to be.

“Pat and auctioneer Matt Moravec connected over their love of wrestling. They had a great time in the studio on Tuesday, with Matt opening just like he does at live auctions. ” Murtaugh told the Post.

“While in the studio, Pat mentioned the possibility of buying Tok a car on the show, and it became a reality. Today, buying an Escalade for Tok’s show live is something different. I know Pat will always have a seat here at Mecum.”

Casey “Tock” Hummel received a 2002 Cadillac Escalade thanks to his boss.
Auctioneer Matt Moravec of Mecum Auctions. me cum auction

McAfee was bidding by phone and was represented at the auction by consignment agent Zach Sowinski.

Cars like this Escalade are starting to catch on with millennials in a similar way to baby boomers gaining wealth and returning to buy the cars that were popular in their youth.

Beyond the pure nostalgia factor, cars that are more than 20 years old can feel like a more authentic driving experience, as opposed to appliances on wheels with all the bells and whistles of a modern car. Masu.