Paul Bissonnette questions if ref was betting after Stars-Avalanche call

Paul Bissonnette ignited an already controversial issue.

A TNT hockey analyst questioned whether the referee for Game 6, the Stars’ 2-1 win over the Avalanche on Friday night, was betting on the game.

Mason Marchment appeared to score the series-clinching goal in the first overtime, but interference on goaltender Matt Duchesne forced the goal to be called off, and Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar scored Duchene to Colorado. Although it appeared to be a pushover, the decision was upheld after review. Goalkeeper Alexander Georgiev.

Bissonnette spoke up during the break between the first and second innings of overtime.

“It seemed like what they were trying to establish here, especially after a few games against Florida and against Tampa, was they wanted their goaltenders to fight for position a little more and work a little harder.” Bissonnette said. . “In this sense, [Georgiev] Like tapping the stick, it is clear that the impact from Makar is what ruins everything. So in this case it was basically friendly fire and I certainly think that should have been considered.

“Obviously, they’re probably going to go upstairs because the referees waived it. They’re saying, ‘Well, we need to stick with the first call.’ So we don’t know if that referee is currently running the DraftKings sportsbook. But that was kind of a BS call. ”

Former goaltender Henrik Lundqvist agreed with the ruling before Bissonnette’s rant, but former forward Anson Carter disagreed.

Former forward Bissonnette scored the equalizer.

The Stars went on to win after two overtimes, with Duchesne ironically scoring the game-winning goal, advancing to the Western Conference Finals.

Paul Bissonnette speaks on TNT during the Stars’ Game 6 win over the Avalanche on May 17, 2024.

They will face either the Canucks or Oilers.

Marchment provided an explanation for the ruling after the game.

“Dutchie’s butt was over the line,” Marchment said after the game. “His feet were outside the line, but his butt was over the line. That’s the explanation I heard. And he got shoved.”

“To be honest, I don’t think they wanted this to be the deciding point. I understand that, but there has to be some standard. You can’t force your own player on the goaltender, and that would interfere with the goaltender. .”

May 17, 2024: Matt Duchene retorts when the referee waves away Mason Marchment's goal during the Stars' Game 6 win over the Avalanche.
May 17, 2024: Matt Duchene retorts when the referee waves away Mason Marchment’s goal during the Stars’ Game 6 win over the Avalanche. USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)

Bissonnette has often raised eyebrows throughout the season for his sharp comments, particularly his consistent trolling of the Rangers and their fans.

After the Rangers lost Game 5 to the Hurricanes, cutting their series lead from a 3-0 lead to 3-2, Bissonnette said in a video posted to X that the Rangers had “given up.” suggested that.

However, the Rangers won Game 6 and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.