Pelosi says Trump is ‘palsy-walsy’ with Putin

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) criticized the Republican presidential candidate’s tepid approach to aiding Ukraine, saying former President Trump is “numb” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “The Andrea Mitchell Report,” Pelosi criticized the former president for suggesting last week that “Europe needs to get stronger” and “level the playing field” by giving Ukraine more money.

Pelosi responded to suggestions that Europe should contribute more: “For some reason he’s numb to President Putin, so it just shows how irresponsible he is on this.” did.

“For him to say something like that shows his lack of knowledge, his lack of values, and frankly his lack of commitment to democracy,” she added.

In recent months, President Trump has expressed skepticism about the United States providing additional aid to Ukraine in its war against Russia, arguing that aiding Ukraine is not a vital U.S. interest and that Europe should provide most of the aid. He claimed that. His views are influential among allies in Congress, making it difficult to pass Ukraine aid in the Republican-controlled House.

Pelosi added that it was “heartbreaking” that the aid was delayed for months and cited the former president’s influence as a reason.

“What happened in the United States Capitol is heartbreaking. It’s sad,” Pelosi said, along with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (Ohio) and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (Texas). and others who have pointed out the influence of Russian propaganda on the Republican caucus.

Earlier this month, Turner and McCall expressed concern about the influence of Russian propaganda within the conference. “We are seeing an attempt to cover up anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian messages coming directly from Russia, some of which can even be heard uttered on the House floor,” Turner said. ” he said.

In response to those concerns, Pelosi said, “This is a sign that they are a candidate for president of the United States.”

“As I have always said, with him, all roads lead to Putin,” she added, referring to President Trump.

Pelosi’s interview came as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) announced three plans to combine military aid to Ukraine, Israel and allies in the Indo-Pacific with humanitarian aid to Gaza and other global hotspots. This was done at the exact moment when the legal text of the bill was announced. The stakes are high for the chairman, who deals with the politically sensitive topic of sending aid overseas.

Pelosi has not yet read the text of the bill, but said she is “ok” with Johnson’s plan to pass each bill separately in the House and then combine them before sending them to the Senate.

“It’s really tragic that it took this long, but I’m very happy — I won’t say happy — that it’s finally here,” Pelosi said, underscoring the urgency and risk of further aid to Ukraine. did. .

“Nothing is more at stake than our democracy,” she added, stressing the importance of Ukraine winning the war.

Johnson faces an immediate threat after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a motion to remove her from the speakership, but no timeline has been provided for bringing the resolution to a vote.

Pelosi indicated that her Democratic caucus would follow instructions from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York to determine whether to vote to save him. But she stressed that Mr Johnson must be willing to lose his job to pass aid to Ukraine.

“We come to Washington and come to Congress to do a job, not to keep a job,” Pelosi said. “I pray for the repose of the soul of the Chairman.”

“In fact, if he was willing to risk his job so that we could save democracy in Ukraine, any of us would make that deal,” she added.

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