Peter Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’ Rockets to #1 on Amazon’s ‘Movers & Shakers’ List After Book Cover’s Unveiling

Just hours after the book’s cover was revealed on Wednesday. Blood Money: Why those in power turn a blind eye as China kills Americanss Peter Schweizer’s HarperCollins book has jumped to number one on Amazon’s coveted “Movers and Shakers” list with a staggering 171,301 percent increase in sales.

Regardless of the genre of the book, blood money After the book was published, it reached number 53 on Amazon. announcement.

little is publicly known about blood money Content: This book is under strict embargo until its official release on February 27th. Amazon’s book list, updated Thursday, says: “It is often said that China is in a cold war with the United States. The reality is much worse, the war is fierce and the death toll is one-sided.”

The explanation goes on to say, “China is actively working to kill Americans and maximize genocide, while our leaders remain passive and, in some cases, submissive. ” it is added.

The book’s cover features California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), Dr. Anthony Fauci, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), Neville Roy Singham, President Joe Biden, and Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. , featuring Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (D-NY), as well as images of drugs, guns, and piles of cash.

Schweitzer, a senior contributor to Breitbart News and director of the Government Accountability Institute, is one of the rare investigative reporters whose books actually lead to real consequences. Indeed, Mr. Schweitzer’s past accomplishments led to his resignation, major bipartisan anti-corruption legislative reform, an FBI investigation, and even an indictment.

Schweitzer’s 2018 #1 new york times bestseller, secret empireis the book that exposed the Biden family corruption scandal years before anyone else, and that revelation continues to be debated as Hunter Biden faces indictment and Joe Biden faces an impeachment inquiry. ing.

his last new york times #1 bestseller, red-handed” reveals how the Biden family collected approximately $31 million from individuals with direct ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, and how Joe Biden personally benefited while softening his position on China. This is a famous book that reveals how the

Welcomed by publishing giant HarperCollins Blood Money: Why those in power turn a blind eye while China kills Americans It has been hailed as “an outstanding achievement in investigative reporting” and “one of those rare books that allows you to see the world with new clarity.”

According to Amazon, Blood Money: Why those in power turn a blind eye while China kills Americans It is 320 pages long. This book will be released on February 27th. Available for pre-order now.



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