Mike Rogers Leads Trump Impeacher Peter Meijer

Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), who appears to have the support of the Trump community, has a double-digit lead over his opponent in Michigan’s Republican Senate primary, according to two polls. Marketing Research Group (MRG) poll published Monday’s results showed Rodgers with a 23% approval rating, leading Rep. Peter Meyer (R-Mich.), who voted in favor […]

Peter Falk’s ‘Columbo’ returns us to a safer, saner America

Remember when police were allowed to stop crimes? For that matter, remember when there was general agreement that domestic killings could be done well without the need to outsource to older contractors? roberto, Bahenaor Jose? As America becomes Third World, and public spaces become dangerous and unpleasant, there is one consolation for those forced indoors. […]

Peter Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’ Rockets to #1 on Amazon

peter schweitzer’s Blood Money: Why those in power turn a blind eye while China kills Americans It soared to number one on Amazon’s bestseller list on Monday, the day before its long-awaited release on February 27th. on monday, blood money The long-awaited number one spot on Amazon’s bestseller list. Additionally, blood money landed It is […]

NBC’s Peter King announces retirement after 44 years covering NFL

Peter King has a -30- on his Hall of Fame career. The sportswriting legend, 66, has announced that he will no longer write his weekly Monday column after 44 years with NBC’s “Football Mornings in America.” “Who’s complaining? Not me. I’m the luckiest man on earth.” King wrote. “Being able to work for the long […]

Peter Schweizer Exposes China’s ‘Control from Start to Finish’ of U.S. Fentanyl Trade

China’s involvement in the fentanyl crisis “can be seen at every stage of the poison’s spread in North America,” explains bestselling investigative journalist Peter Schweitzer in an excerpt from his new book. Blood Money: Why those in power turn a blind eye while China kills Americans. Schweitzer, director of the Government Accountability Institute and senior […]

Peter Schiff slams Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling on regulators to block Capital One’s planned takeover of Discover. according to press releaseDiscover shareholders will receive 1.0192 Capital One shares for each Discover share they own. But Warren wants regulators to scrap the deal. “The @CapitalOne and @Discover merger will threaten our financial stability, reduce competition, and […]

Trader Peter Brandt blasts SEC boss Gary Gensler once again –

Trader Peter Brandt expressed doubts about U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler and the agency’s ability to adequately protect investors. Brandt highlighted Gensler’s involvement in the MF Global bankruptcy on social media. Brandt said Gensler allowed his clients to commingle their funds. He also singled out Gensler, who was chairman of the […]


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