Pillowcase Murders: Suspected Texas serial killer smothered elderly women in upscale nursing homes

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Billy Chemilmir was convicted of murdering two elderly women at a luxury nursing home in Texas and was charged with murdering 20 more people, but if one woman survived after trying to suffocate him. If he hadn’t, he might not have been arrested.

Less than a year after he was murdered by his cellmate, suspected serial killer Billy Kemilmir is the subject of the just-released Paramount+ docuseries The Pillowcase Murders. He was killed by his cellmate in a Texas prison in 2023, officials said.

Over a two-year period, Kemilmir preyed on elderly women in the Dallas area using her job as a caregiver, posing as a maintenance worker or medical professional, entering their homes, suffocating them and stealing them, including $30,000 worth, authorities said. It is said that valuables were stolen. In some cases, of jewelry.

The suffocation left little evidence of a crime, and because of the women’s advanced age, their deaths were repeatedly attributed to natural causes.

Family members of suspected Texas serial killer’s victims call for death penalty: “He reeks of evil”

Serial killer accuser Billy Kemilmir reflects on his retrial at the Frank Crowley Courthouse Building in Dallas on April 25, 2022. (Shafqat Anowar/Dallas Morning News, Associated Press)

The daughter of Marilyn Cardillo Bixler, whose body was found on the floor of her apartment in September 2017, previously told FOX News Digital that she had no idea her mother had been murdered when she discovered the body. Ta.

“I thought it was strange where her body was. I thought it was odd that her glasses were across the room with bent frames and lenses sticking out, so I put them on the console of the car and took a picture. “I took a photo of her doing it every Friday and her hair was completely messy and I couldn’t understand it at all,” Cheryl Pangburn said in 2022.

Shannon Dion told She said she became suspicious when her mother died in 2016 because her mother’s jewelry and wallet, including the gold guardian angel necklace she always wore around her neck, were missing. A Dallas Police Department officer allegedly told her that she believed someone had robbed her after her. She died of natural causes.

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MJ Jennings with photo

MJ Jennings looks at a photo of her mother, Leah Koken, while sitting at her home in Dallas on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021. Ms. Koken was one of 22 Dallas-area women charged with the murders of Billie Chemirmire. Officials said Kemirmir was killed by his cellmate in a Texas prison on September 19, 2023. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

“It just didn’t make any sense,” Dion told the magazine. “But I grew up and started trusting the police. There was nothing else to do. What else could I do?”

Dion later learned that his mother, Doris Gleason, was the seventh Tradition Prestwood resident to die within four months, the newspaper said.

In March 2018, 91-year-old Mary Bartel told police that Kemirmil broke into her nursing home apartment, tried to suffocate her with a pillow and stole her jewelry.

According to the documentary, police quickly identified Kemirmil as a suspect. The next day, they arrested a Kenyan man with jewelry and cash in the parking lot of an apartment building, where he had just thrown a large red jewelry box into the trash.

Suspected serial killer Billy Kemilmil is murdered by his cellmate in Texas prison

billy chemirmire

Billy Chemilmire, 50, was reportedly murdered in prison by his cellmate Wyatt Buzbee, who was serving a 50-year sentence for a fatal stabbing. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

Lou Ti Harris, 81, was found dead in her bedroom with documents in a box, Fox News Digital previously reported. The elderly woman had red lipstick on her mouth and a similar red stain on the pillow next to her, indicating she died of suffocation, Fox News Digital previously reported.

Detectives investigating unexplained and suspicious deaths of elderly women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have begun to link more deaths to Chemirmia. As details of the suspected murderer’s crimes became public, more family members came forward.

Pangburn learned the strange details surrounding her mother’s death when she received a Facebook message from a high school friend.

“She sent me a message saying, “My mother was also a victim of Billy Kemilmir. My condolences. If you don’t mind talking to me, please give me my phone number,” Pangburn previously said. He told FOX News Digital.

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Shannon Dion sits surrounded by photos of her late mother, Doris Gleason, and talks about her late mother, Doris Gleason, on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021, in Carrollton, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

“I’m sitting in this appointment and I have no idea what she’s saying. When I Google the name Billy Kemilmir, all I see is this serial killer story,” she said. said. “I’m scared, but things are starting to make sense.”

During his deposition at Kemirmil’s murder trial, survivor Bartel told jurors that he suffocated the man until he lost consciousness. However, she survived and came to the hospital. She said her gold wedding ring, a gold ring with diamonds, a gold locket with a photo of her late husband, two gold crosses, and a silver bracelet were missing when she returned home.

That death row trial ended in a mistrial when the jury deadlocked in an 11-1 vote after 11 hours of deliberations. NBCDFW reported.

However, in April 2022, Kemirmil was found guilty of murder in Harris’ death, and later convicted in a separate case in the death of 87-year-old Mary Brooks.

“I’m not a murderer,” Kemirmil told the Dallas Morning News before he was sentenced. “I’m not who they say I am. I’m a very simple person. I wasn’t raised that way. I grew up in a good family. I didn’t have any problems.” For the rest of my life… I’m 100 percent sure I won’t go to jail. ”

The cellmate who killed Texas serial killer Billy Chemirmire has been identified.

Defendant Billy Chemilmir listens to motions and language that will be discussed and sent to the jury after one of the jurors breaks off deliberations on the death penalty case on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021, at the Frank Crowley Court Building in Dallas. (Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News, Associated Press, Pool)

Rather, Kemilmil told the newspaper he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, noting that he has family members who run a nursing home in the area.

“If I were a murderer, I could have killed all those women,” he said. “No one was killed there.”

In her victim impact statement after the conviction, Ellen French House asked to see two photographs of her mother, Norma French, one when she was still alive and one after she was allegedly murdered.

“This is my beautiful mother,” House said, showing the first photo. According to KHOU 11. “This is my mother. You ripped her wedding ring off her finger and she couldn’t even take it off.”

Kemilmir was sentenced to life in prison and sent to Cofield Unit in the Colony of Tennessee, located about 160 miles southeast of Dallas, Fox News Digital previously reported.

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After he was sentenced to life in prison, prosecutors dropped 20 more heinous murder charges against Kemirmir, prompting the family of the alleged victim to stage demonstrations.

“Not only did I feel terrible again, but her name wasn’t even on the paperwork,” House told Fox News Digital at the time. “I think it’s just a number now.”

The death penalty was avoided in Dallas County, but the family was hopeful that Collin County would pursue the death penalty.


“She was very happy and really thrived where she was, and she really loved living where she lived, and it ended tragically,” Pangburn told Fox News Digital. I welcomed him,” he said. “This is the ultimate crime and deserves the ultimate punishment.”

But in September 2023, Kemilmir was assaulted and stabbed to death by his cellmate, Wyatt Buzbee, who was serving a 50-year sentence for killing a Houston man in 2016. According to WFAA. Dallas County District Attorney John Clouzot told the outlet that Kemilmir appeared to have made inappropriate sexual comments about the man’s children.