Elderly woman killed by NYC driver was giving granny: ‘Everybody loved her’

The elderly woman who was hit and killed by a “crazy” driver fleeing from police in Brooklyn was a grandmother and “beautiful person” who “helped everyone in the neighborhood”, grieving friends share horror stories Friday. He said a new video has been released. Authorities say Juanita Vidal, 71, was walking at Eldert Street and Knickerbocker […]

Phillies’ Trea Turner impersonator allegedly scams elderly fan out of hefty sum

A 70-year-old Philadelphia Phillies fan was allegedly scammed out of an estimated $50,000 by someone pretending to be Trea Turner. The baseball fan apparently believed he was communicating directly with the Phillies shortstop on social media. She eventually learned that she was actually talking to a scammer, but she didn’t know until she was fooled. […]

Elderly Americans scammed out of millions by foreigners posing as grandchildren

Scammers in the Dominican Republic made a total of $35 million by pretending to be grandchildren or relatives of elderly victims and claiming they were in dire straits and needed bail money and legal fees, Homeland Security said. Announced by the Ministry of Security. Before the 16 scammers were indicted in a 19-count indictment, they […]

Caring for the elderly? Not with Saga’s 220% price hike | Money

I am 92 years old and live in an apartment on the 5th floor. This block is very secure, with a concierge and fob to access each floor. Last year I insured the contents of my house with Saga for £78, against fire and flood only (the building is insured by Islington City Council at […]