Police departments warn high schoolers’ ‘Senior Assassins’ game could turn deadly

Multiple police departments are warning parents and community members that a national high school game later this week could have deadly consequences.

On social media, multiple law enforcement agencies are sounding the alarm about a game called “Senior Assassin.” In this game, participants are given the name of another player and tasked with hunting, tagging, and eliminating them, usually using a water gun. One person wins.

“The Arlington Heights Police Department would like to share important information with our community by making them aware of an online live-action game called Senior Assassins. This game is played by high school students across the country, including right here in Arlington Heights. “It’s an annual spring tradition for students, especially seniors,” Arlington Heights Village Police said on Facebook Friday. “Participants use water guns to attack other players with the goal of being the last one standing in the game. by spraying water on the players to avoid losing the match.” .

The post continued, “This concept does not violate any laws or local ordinances. We encourage everyone to play safely, use common sense, and be aware of how player actions may be perceived by members of our community.” An unintended consequence of participants running around the venue is that if the community had a water gun (similar to a similar firearm), it would have deadly consequences. There is a possibility.”

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Participants in “Senior Assassin” are tasked with hunting down and eliminating other players, usually by tagging them with water guns. Police warn this often involves hiding and waiting and usually looks suspicious. (Adobe Stock)

The rules of this game often do not allow players to play on school grounds or inside classrooms, resulting in the game being brought into the public arena and bystanders having no idea what is really going on. Police have issued a warning because there may not be any.

Arlington Heights Police say, “Players will try to find their enemies in a variety of locations, including their homes, local parks, and other gathering spaces within the community. Students will often hide in strange places or drive through yards to reach their targets. They may chase you or suddenly appear in a car or on foot.”

Additionally, “Police do not condone or support the objectives cited in this game. In Illinois, a concealed carry license allows you to carry a concealed firearm in public for self-defense.” “The number of people doing this is increasing. We are warning you,” he added. Residents know this spring game has begun. ”

The use of water guns can have deadly consequences, not only if participants are seen hiding suspiciously around the city, but if bystanders suspect that this weapon is real.

“The Police Department receives reports of related activity. In one such call, police responded to a homeowner’s report of a ‘man with a gun’ running through their yard. A serious response was taken. Please do not assume that similar suspicious activity observed is related to law enforcement.” “This game. If you see any unusual activity, call 9-1. Please report it immediately by calling -1,” the Arlington Heights Police Department wrote.

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Additionally, “we encourage parents to discuss with their children the safety concerns associated with openly carrying water pistols that resemble firearms and entering private property without permission. Let’s consider the perception of the uninformed residents who saw this happening,” he added. The act of placing a replica firearm in a commonly populated common area may be considered a “concerning nuisance” which is an element of a criminal offense and/or violation of local regulations. This is disorderly conduct. Police departments understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with the start of a new school year. We ask all students to be mindful of their own actions. ”

water gun

Participants often use water guns, sometimes resembling real firearms, to tag other players. (Adobe Stock)

Other towns and police departments across Illinois are sounding the alarm as well.

“Yesterday, a group of high school students from a nearby area entered a local restaurant wearing ski masks and displaying water guns resembling firearms. They targeted other students who were eating at the restaurant by dousing them with water. The Gurnee Police Department said on Facebook that the person carrying the concealed carry holder may have misinterpreted the situation as a real threat at the restaurant and the situation could have escalated quickly. .

He added: “The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated. It could have had serious consequences.”

2 guns, sidewalk

The village of Bartlett, Illinois, released a photo of two guns to warn residents about a “Senior Assassin” game being played at the high school. (Bartlett Village, Illinois/Facebook)

“The Gurnee Police Department would like to emphasize that the depiction of firearms, whether real or imitation, in public places is a matter of concern and has the potential to instill fear in the public. We We urge local residents to reconsider participating in such activities.” Monitor activity and recognize the seriousness of the activity. ”

The department urged residents to remain vigilant and reminded them of the anecdote: “See something, say something.”

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The Village of Bartlett has warned that water gun games will begin on Sunday, April 14th.

“Although the game has strict rules prohibiting trespassing and other illegal activity, other police departments, including the St. “Lurking around my neighbor’s house” in response to a 1-1 call.”

people using water guns

Police have warned that the players’ water guns could be mistaken for real weapons. (Adobe Stock)

“Some of these reports of participants driving cars on grass and brandishing realistic-looking handguns (see photo) raise questions about whether the students involved were actually committing crimes. This is causing concern for the responding officers because they were unable to determine whether the suspect was ‘or just playing a game,”’ Bartlett continued.


Any suspicious activity should be reported to the appropriate authorities and players are encouraged to play responsibly.