Privileged young people in West celebrate terror thugs for kicks

Erika Le Bon, an Iranian-American lawyer and activist, went viral on TikTok after speaking out about how American youth are being brainwashed to support Iran’s Hamas terrorists and the misogynist Ayatollahs. Ta. She shares more about her thoughts on the Post.

Since October 7, I and others in the Iranian community have been alarmed by the disturbing awareness that a radicalized West is coming dangerously close to supporting the Islamic Republic.

It began with “We only support Hamas. Stop making it into something that is not Hamas” (as if this in itself was perfectly acceptable).

After that, when the Red Sea attack occurred, the conversation quickly evolved into saying, “Let’s make friends like Yemen!” Turn another ship around! ” (does not refer to the Houthis by their proper title, instead confusing them with the Yemeni government). That was strike two.

Shortly thereafter, loud voices of support were heard for Hezbollah, which fires rockets into northern Israel, hailed as the “resistance.”

That’s strike 3/3. All major distributors in Iran.

Now they are crying out for the Ayatollah of Iran to attack Israel.

TikTok trending points

These protesters are glorifying terrorism and glorifying theocracy.

A generation of so-called “leftists” and “progressives” educated on TikTok cheered on the streets of New York and London as a series of rockets were fired from a safe distance, leaving seven people seriously injured. In response, they turned their support to the Islamic Republic. She is a one year old Bedouin girl.

Was this a “victory” due to the “axis of resistance” on which they put their weight?

They are celebrating the same regime that systematically murders and flogs women for showing their hair, much less participating in a celebratory TikTok dance online. The only word that comes to mind to describe this generation of leftists is “lost.”

I completely lost.

I have long wondered what it is that targets the radical left so seamlessly and programs it in such a way that it now supports fascistic and authoritarian regimes.

One obvious answer is how Western academic institutions became breeding grounds for Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps propaganda, portraying these repressive regimes as “the good guys” and “fighting Western imperialism”. Frame it with racist, orientalist accusations like “it’s just their culture” and say that people in the Middle East have only known barbarism and that the world should accept us on that level. think.

How else can you really believe in women? want Oppressed, forced to wear a hijab, deprived of education?

But on a deeper level, it’s much more than that. These arguments will never work for intellectually resilient people. Rather, I worry that what we are witnessing is over-privilege.

I fear that we are dealing with a generation so removed from suffering, oppression, war, and tyranny that we are tired of our rights, freedoms, and privileges.

They don’t understand how crude, insensitive, and frankly dangerous it is to advocate this kind of violence. Instead, they harbor fantasies of nation-states colliding with each other in the Middle East and being able to survive the rush of excitement.

I don’t know if they will stop until they completely erode our democracy.

deadly reality

For people in the Middle East, death is not a joyful thing.

That’s all we’ve known for the past 45 years, and Israelis and Palestinians know the story all too well. We are tired of the oppression and suffering that the “left” in the West drools over.

We want Iran to be free, and we want a future free and democratic peace between Iran and Israel, and between Israelis and Palestinians. We want to reassure people that we take seriously the lives of all those affected by this issue, from Iran to Gaza, Israel, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and other countries, and that we are working towards some kind of resolution. We’re calling on them to start moving the needle.

We are not theocratic terrorists and we want a better future for our children.

Come with us or stay out of the way.