Pro-life advocates sound alarm on ‘extreme’ Florida abortion vote that Dems hope could swing general election

The Florida Supreme Court ruled Monday that a ballot measure that enshrines abortion in the state constitution can be voted on in November, leading prominent pro-life advocates to tell Fox News Digital that the bill He said it would include “misleading” strategies that were too “radical” for Florida voters.

Monday’s ruling upheld a 15-week abortion ban signed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, paving the way for the imminent implementation of a six-week abortion ban that Democrats have already attacked as “MAGA extremism.” However, it also approved the vote. In November, Florida voters passed a bill that would allow them to decide whether to include abortion rights in the state constitution.

The Florida ruling comes shortly after voters in Ohio, which Trump won by eight points in 2020, overwhelmingly voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to allow abortion. Several pro-life advocates spoke to FOX News Digital about what the fight will look like after Roe v. Wade in Florida.

Katie Glenn Daniel, a Tampa attorney and SBA Pro-Life Americas state policy director, said, “Abortion providers pushing this extreme amendment must recognize that the heartbeat law is supported by a majority of Floridians and that pregnant “We know that second-trimester abortions and second-trimester abortions are very unpopular,” she told FOX. News Digital.

Ohio voters approve amendment to enshrine abortion in state constitution

A group of anti-abortion demonstrators attack the Women’s March Action Rally for Reproductive Rights at Mariachi Plaza in Los Angeles, California on October 8, 2022. (DAVID MCNEW/AFP via Getty Images)

“That’s why they spend tens of millions of dollars to exploit fear and deception, like they did in Ohio, because they know their extreme policies are wildly unpopular.” Despite the obvious fact that pregnant women across the board continue to receive emergency medical care, they will rely on the lie that women cannot receive medical care and create confusion that will put women’s lives at risk.”

Daniel explained that to avoid a similar outcome to Ohio’s, prominent Floridians will need to convincingly and clearly articulate what abortion measures mean for residents.

“Governor Ron DeSantis must be the first line of defense to protect Florida from mass abortion attempts to disenfranchise unborn children, parents, women and girls,” Daniel said. “Governor DeSantis signed legislation to protect infants who are in pain and have a heartbeat, and now he must lead the way in protecting those protections.”

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned and the issue returned to the states, Republicans have suffered several defeats at the ballot box, which many experts attribute to insufficient messaging on abortion. Some pro-life advocates, including Caitlin Connors of the South, regional director of SBA Pro-Life America, argued that Democrats have no place in areas where the majority of Americans have abortions.

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“The media coverage that late-term abortion is a political winner is wrong,” Connors told Fox News Digital. I’ve seen them stand up strong and win.”

“Democrats know that candidates will suffer when they take to the debate stage and directly confront extreme positions on abortion and legalizing abortion, so they use deceptive amendments to promote their own They’re trying to cover their tracks. Their extreme positions are not winning.” Together with the American people, the Republican Party must continue to make the Democratic Party’s position clear to voters across the country. ”

Prominent Democratic lawmakers have already warned that a wave of voter turnout for the abortion bill would not only constitutionally invalidate the state’s current abortion ban, but would also be a devastating blow to former President Trump’s campaign in Florida in November. It’s starting to push the idea that it could also benefit President Biden’s efforts to control it. .

More and more people are realizing how wrong these bans are, and every time a voting campaign takes place, no matter how red-haired the state, people stand up for women’s reproductive freedom here. We’ve seen it across the country,” North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper told reporters Wednesday during a conference call for the Biden and Harris campaigns.

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Ohio pro-abortion rally

Activists were seen holding signs during the protest that read “We will protect safe and legal abortion.” ((Photo Credit: Megan Jelinger/SOPA Images/LightRocket, Getty Images))

“So it stands to reason that the more Republicans act here, the worse it will be for them at the voting booth, because this is an issue that people across the country care about.”

“I think the empirical evidence suggests that we have a good chance of doing this,” Florida Democratic state Rep. Fentris Driskell said in a phone call, adding, “Ignoring the electoral implications… It’s difficult,” he said. The last time a Democratic presidential candidate won Florida was when an anti-abortion bill was on the ballot. So this is something Floridians are paying attention to. That was President Barack Obama in 2012. So I’m optimistic that we’ll cross the finish line in November. ”

Republicans significantly outnumber Democrats in Florida, and recently political analysis He suggested that recent abortion voting measures would not significantly boost Democratic turnout. Still, Biden campaign official Julie Chavez Rodriguez said on a Zoom call: “There’s no doubt that Florida will be involved.”

After the loss at Ohio State, Evaluation of pro-life organizations Part of the reason for the outcome was the huge amount of money spent, and what they pointed out was the misleading wording of the abortion amendment, two things they argue must be addressed in Florida. ing.

“Our campaign is committed to ensuring that Florida voters are not fooled by the misleading amendment language, and to protect the abortion industry and out-of-state abortion extremists, who have spent nearly $20 million on campaigns to date. “This is one of the most extreme abortion amendments in America,” Sarah Johnson, grassroots director of Florida Voters Against Extremism, told Fox News Digital. told.

The ballot measure, known as the Fourth Amendment, states: “No law shall provide for the provision of abortion before viability or if, in the judgment of the patient’s health care provider, is necessary to protect the health of the patient. shall not be prohibited, penalized, delayed or restricted.” “This amendment does not alter Congress’s constitutional authority to require parents or guardians to be notified before a minor obtains an abortion.”

Florida Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody said: Court summary This was rejected by the court, which argued that the language was misleading for several reasons, including that the term “viability” was not defined.

“The voting summary here is part of a plan to plant a ticking time bomb, in which abortion supporters later believe that this amendment has far broader implications than voters thought,” Moody said in an earlier briefing. “This will enable us to claim that.”

“The language on the ballot falsely suggests that the amendment does not affect the rights of parents when their child requests an abortion. Currently, in Florida, doctors cannot perform abortions on minors. “Parental consent is required, with limited exceptions,” SBA Pro-Life America said. overview.

“If the amendment passes, this law is likely to create new victims. Loss of parental consent is hidden in the ballot language, but this is because the amendment requires constitutional notification to parents. “We’re emphasizing that it doesn’t change any rights, and voters believe it won’t change the constitutional right to parental notification. Parental consent is similarly unaffected.”

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abortion protester

Abortion rights advocates gather in front of the J. Marvin Jones Federal Building and Courthouse in Amarillo, Texas (Moises Avila/AFP via Getty Images)

“This action not only brings dangerous late-term abortions back to Florida, but also allows girls who are not old enough to pierce their own ears to have an abortion without their parents’ permission,” the SBA added. press release.

“This measure would remove every abortion health regulation on the books, putting these girls and the women who have abortions at risk. 25% of abortion centers failed inspections. In states, it’s no wonder they want to be completely unregulated to increase their profits “at the expense of women, girls, and babies.” ”

Stephen Billy, vice president of national affairs for SBA Pro-Life America, told Fox News Digital that major pro-abortion groups will inject money into states.

“Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses, with support from the ACLU, are major supporters of this effort,” Billy said. “And for good reason – if Florida becomes a destination for late-term abortions and the state fails to enforce basic health and safety guidelines or even inspect Florida facilities, One thing is certain: their message does not explain how extreme this is.” It focuses on, and will not continue to focus on, the ACLU’s new lawsuit in Ohio, which is contesting whether the consent law will be allowed after amendments. ”

Abortion advocacy groups point out that abortion restrictions have been implemented across the Deep South since Roe’s reversal, suggesting the vote in Florida will be a rallying cry for these national efforts.

Laura Goodhue, executive director of the Florida Alliance, a family planning affiliate, said in a statement that her organization recognizes the negative impact of the abortion ban on Florida patients. “Today’s decision clears the way for Florida voters to block this ridiculous abortion ban once and for all,” she said.

Florida’s constitutional amendment would need at least 60% to pass, a larger percentage of votes than any statewide abortion bill has ever received.


Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ((Photo credit: SERGIO FLORES/AFP via Getty Images))

“With abortion on the ballot, Florida Republicans have an opportunity to make their position clear on the issue of abortion and the value of all lives,” Florida Republican State Sen. Erin Goulart said on FOX. He told News Digital.

“If this issue passes, it is an issue that will deeply and dramatically impact lives across Florida, which is why we want to ensure that Republicans emphasize their support for pro-life protections and communicate compassionately on this important issue.” “I know it will take a while, but this is in contrast to a serious issue: the unpopular Democratic agenda of unlimited abortion in Florida.”

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