Purple Cowboy Suits, Emo Hair And Country Music: Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler Is Clearly Having The Time Of His Life

Not really my style, but you get the idea that Jimmy is Jimmy.

Bringing back “Emo Jimmy” even more flashily, Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler appears in Fall Out Boy’s latest music video, playing the role of a dancing cowboy in a stereotypical purple suit.

Fall Out has released a video for the song “So Much (For) Stardust” starring Jimmy Buckets in a purple cowboy suit with golden boots.

The first half of the music video revolves entirely around Butler, then leads to a scene where the Heat general swings the Magic 8 Ball, and the band’s bassist Pete Wentz pops out in a suit, which just so happens to be Butler. It was comparable to the ensemble. .

It’s…well…a sight, that’s for sure.


I’m not going to lie…I had a hard time understanding that video, I cringed the whole time.

But here’s the thing: Jimmy is my son, he’s done great things for the Heat franchise, I know he just wants to enjoy life, so he As long as you’re happy, that’s fine. Yeah, I might not be able to lock onto this. I want him to win a championship first before I get into whatever this is, but Jimmy being Jimmy gives me a feel for him.

And maybe it’s because I’m not as in tune with the music industry as I used to be, but who knew Fall Out Boy was still relevant? (Related: Pistons’ Monty Williams furious after Knicks pull off the craziest win imaginable)

You really learn something new every day.



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