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They couldn’t could they? Barcelona begin today eight points off the top and by any measure are less good than Madrid, their European fortunes illustrating the gap: Barca lost a tie they might’ve won, Madrid won a much harder one they should’ve lost.


However! After ploughing through 90 minutes and extra time chasing the ball, it might just be that the euphoria and dump – physical and mental – extract a toll. And if they do, Barca absolutely have the players not only to win tonight but to make the title race a race again.


Because make no mistake, this Madrid side are not there yet, their presence at the top of the league and in the Champions League last four a reflection not of their coherence but of the incredible individuals who have defined their club since the fifties. Thing is, Barca are over-furnished in the same department, their attackers good enough to devastate any opponent and their defending improving.


As such, there’s plenty of added heat to a contest that requires no such thing. Let’s get involved!

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important events

Kroos and Modric are teaming up again. Casemiro scored a penalty directly at Ciampo’s goalkeeper. Does Ancelotti expect a slow-paced game after both teams gave their best in midweek? I think he trusts his class and nous more than his legs and physicality because Marca’s midfield isn’t that great physically.


“Until today I had never seen the redesign of the Bernabéu,” admits Sean Orowitz. “It looks like a very large external hard drive. What an atrocity.”

i dunno. It’s not the one designed by Archibald Leach, but I think it looks very sophisticated. Inside, I believe it is still one of, if not the biggest soccer theater in the world.


Email! “I don’t have a horse in this race,” says Adam Griffiths. “But for Barcelona to announce their lineup by team number rather than rank means we want them to a) be launched from a catapult into a volcano and b) claim the right to do it tonight.” ”

Of course I’m fair, but I also can’t argue with the facts.


I think what Christensen might give Barça is a passing option. Both he and de Jong can drop in between the centre-backs and carry the ball forward, but that means Ilkay Gundogan has a lot of creative responsibility.


Returning to Pedri’s story, I really hope he gets fit enough to be the player he’s meant to be, which is the best or best player of his generation. The combination of eye, skill and intelligence is sensational.


I have to say, the Bernabeu looks gorgeous from above. It looks less like a soccer field and more like a space station. In other words, they may have copied Reebok.

Photo: Don McPhee/Guardian

As for Barça, They made one change from their midweek scare. Pedri moved to the bench and was replaced by Andreas Christensen in midfield. It feels a little like replacing the strimmer with a brick, but that’s it.


So those teams. Real Madrid will bring back Aurélien Choameny, who plays as a centre-back. He replaces Nacho, who fulfilled his earthly purpose midweek. Lucas Vazquez will replace Dani Carvajal at right-back, but Carvajal may still be tired from training until next month. At left-back, Eduardo Camavinga moved from midfield to be replaced by Ferland Mendy. Luka Modric then enters the gap in midfield.


ah, Apparently our pre-game presentation was…meaningless? However, with two minutes remaining, Atletico lost 1-0 to Alaves. If the scores don’t change, it’s good news for Girona, who are getting much closer to qualifying for the Champions League.


I’ve just returned from Wembley. This morning, he is 6 years older than me, and I am currently trying to organize my feelings by watching the sub-channels of related channels. Then we’ll talk properly about what this means.



Couldn’t you? Barcelona started today eight points behind the leaders, but by all accounts they are worse than Madrid, and their fortunes in Europe speak for themselves. Barça lost a draw they could have won, and Madrid won a tougher game they should have lost.

but! After battling through 90 minutes and chasing the ball in overtime, the euphoria and dump (physically and mentally) may be taking its toll. And if they do so, it is imperative that Barça force their players to not only win tonight, but also to make the title race a race again.

Don’t get me wrong, this Madrid team is not there yet, and their presence at the top of the league and in the last four of the Champions League is not due to their consistency, but to their lack of success since the 50s. is a reflection of the great individuals who have defined the club. The problem is that Barça are over-equipped in the same department, their attacking line-up is good enough to destroy any opponent, and their defense is also improving.

So it adds a lot more heat to contests that don’t require that kind of thing. Let’s participate!