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Rep. Ritchie Torres calls out NY Times ‘bias’ for not interviewing him for story about his anti-Israel critics

New York Rep. Ritchie Torres accused the New York Times of “bias” for a story that focused primarily on his pro-Israel stance, but did not interview him for the story.

Saturday, The Times Published an article The documentary, titled “Gaza War Divides LGBTQ Community,” spotlighted the palpable tensions boiling over within Fire Island Pines’ gay community.

Torres, who the Times noted was the first openly gay Afro-Latino member of Congress, was featured on a flag at Trail Blazers Park during Pride Month alongside other historical LGBTQ figures. However, the flag honoring Torres was quickly ripped up by gay activist group ACT-UP and replaced with another flag, one of which, according to the Times, celebrated “queer Palestinians.”

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Congressman Ritchie Torres of New York speaks during the March for Israel on the National Mall in Washington, DC on November 14, 2023. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)

“The author of the New York Times article had no desire to interview me, but had a sensational story in mind (the division of the LGBTQ community!) and found a few quotes from a few extreme figures to back up the story he wanted to tell,” Torres wrote in response to the report about X.

The report quoted Torres’ initial reaction to the flag being lowered. I wrote this earlier this month“Have they ever realized that Hamas is a brutal oppressor of queer Palestinians, who are far freer and safer in Israel than they are in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip?”

“Have the authors ever asked themselves whether the LGBTQ community is truly divided, or whether they are mistaking a visible and vocal minority for a majority?” Torres continued, slamming the report.

“I think gays are mostly on one side of this debate,” the Times quoted a pro-Palestinian activist as saying, adding, “I feel like gays are really pro-Palestine in a big way.”

“Indeed, polls show that members of the LGBTQ community overwhelmingly identify as politically liberal or moderate, and a Gallup poll found that a majority of Democrats have opposed Israel’s actions at least since last November, a month after the war began,” the Times wrote, appearing to agree with pro-Palestinian activists.

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Torres accused the New York Times of “bias” for choosing to interview anti-Israel activists who were caught “celebrating” on October 7th, rather than him, for the story. (iStock)

The paper did not interview Torres, but did interview ACT-UP activist Jason Rosenberg, who was sharply critical of Torres, saying, “Ritchie has supported Israeli policies and we thought it was inappropriate for him to receive the award, especially this year.”

Torres, meanwhile, slammed the Times reporter for giving Rosenberg such a platform, accusing him of “celebrating” the October 7 terror attacks by Hamas, and shared a screenshot of Rosenberg sharing a post by another X user saying, “I support all those who resist oppression.”

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“Despite interviewing Jason Rosenberg, who was caught celebrating October 7th, the author could not bring himself to interview the sitting congressman who is the subject of the article. Bias,” Torres wrote.

“Jason Rosenberg celebrated 10/7 on 10/7! Yet a reporter from the New York Times thought he was more worthy of an interview than a sitting congressman who denounces 10/7,” the congressman continued, posting a screenshot of Rosenberg’s X account.

The New York Times did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Israel's Ritchie Torres

Nova Festival survivor Ofir Amir (left) talks with U.S. Congressman Ritchie Torres (right) during a visit to the Nova Festival memorial in Reim, Israel, on April 1, 2024. The Democratic congressman from the Bronx arrived in Israel for a 48-hour Israel-Jewish Congregation trip along with other members of the Bronx community. (Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Torres has stood out among congressional Democrats for her open support for Israel and has repeatedly attacked anti-Israel bias in the media.

Earlier this month, Torres accused New York Magazine of mistakenly using a photo of New York’s Democratic lieutenant governor, Antonio Delgado, instead of her own photo in what she called an “anti-Israel smear story” about her.

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“If New York Magazine is going to publish an anti-Israel tirade by Sarah Jones, at least be careful to get the photo right. I am not Antonio Delgado,” Torres said.

“Black people don’t all look the same,” he added.

New York Magazine later corrected the image and published an editor’s note acknowledging the mistake.