Republicans slam White House for blaming ‘broken immigration system’ after being asked about Laken Riley’s murder

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Republicans are firing back at the White House after the Biden administration appeared to blame Republican lawmakers for a broken immigration system in response to questions about Laken Riley’s murder.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the comments in an interview with CNN host John Berman.

She was asked to respond to Republican accusations that the Biden administration’s border policies have led to the deaths of Americans like Riley at the hands of illegal immigrants.

Berman highlighted the words of Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri: [President Biden]. ”

Republican lawmakers warned Mayorka about the risk of crime posed by illegal Venezuelan immigrants, but received no response.

Laken Riley poses for a photo to post on Facebook. Riley, a nursing student, was found dead near a lake on the University of Georgia campus on Thursday, February 22, 2024. (Alison Phillips/Facebook)

“My condolences go out to Mr. Laken’s family. This is a terrible, terrible loss for any family. And obviously, whoever is found guilty, we have to make sure that happens. Obviously we won’t.’I’d like to see something like that happen again,” Jean-Pierre said, moving on to the broader issue of the border crisis.

“But here’s the thing: We’ve done the job of making sure we address our broken immigration system. Republicans have gotten in the way. They’ve gotten in the way. And that’s what we keep seeing over and over again. “And I repeat it over and over again,” Jean-Pierre said.

She continued: “Look, this is a serious issue. That’s why the president is going to the border. The president was at the border in El Paso a year ago and visited the border in January 2023. He gave a comprehensive opinion. Implement a comprehensive immigration policy from day one.”

Eagle Pass border crossing

Asylum seekers cross the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the United States on September 30, 2023 in Eagle Pass, Texas. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Jean-Pierre made similar comments at an earlier press conference, saying Republicans were “getting in the way” when it came to border maintenance.

In response, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) said, “It’s insane for President Biden to blame anyone other than himself for the effects of his open borders policy.”

“American lives have been lost under President Biden’s open borders policy. Laken Riley’s case is the latest in a tragic number of cases. This administration is holding itself accountable at every opportunity. He refuses to pursue them and blames everyone and everything but his own policy failures,” the congressman said. Republican Tony Gonzalez of Texas said in a statement.

“With the stroke of a pen, President Biden could take action on border security, but he refuses to do so.” Not really. We need to act. Now. ”

“It speaks to the White House’s inability to even acknowledge the truth: It was illegal immigrants who killed Laken Riley, and Joe Biden’s open borders… is responsible.” “It’s time for the White House to hold him accountable for his own dangerous policies and take action before more Americans are harmed.”

Trump says he spoke to ‘devastated’ parents in Lake Riley, slams Biden as border crisis ‘like war’

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.S.C., told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Laken Riley’s death was “due to the Biden administration’s violations of the law.”

“If I were her family and this man actually did that, I would sue the federal government vigorously, because the Biden administration has been breaking the law for over two years. [immigration] Parole. ”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accused Democrats of treating American deaths as “acceptable collateral damage.”

“They see these murders as just the price we have to pay for pursuing open border policies,” Cruz tweeted Thursday.

Texas plans to appeal ruling blocking law allowing police to arrest illegal immigrants, Abbott says

Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student, was found murdered on the University of Georgia campus earlier this month after running away.

Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan national who is in the United States illegally, is charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, interfering with a 911 call, and concealing the death of another in connection with Riley’s death. He was charged with such crimes.

This all comes as President Biden and his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump, made a duel to the southern border on Thursday, highlighting how central immigration is to the 2024 presidential election. .

Brownsville, International Bridge

Migrants flow into the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville, Texas. The Biden administration’s plan would force many immigrants to remain in Texas as their asylum cases unfold, according to reports. (Texas DPS)

Biden blamed Republicans for a bipartisan border deal that collapsed earlier this month. Meanwhile, President Trump continued to ratchet up his attacks on illegal immigrants, deriding them as “terrorists” and criminals.


Trump was in Eagle Pass on Thursday, about 525 miles northwest of where Biden visited Brownsville.

Fox News Digital’s Hanna Panreck contributed to this report.



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