Residents in frantic fight to keep Trump’s name on luxury high-rise

A group of Westchester County residents is in a desperate fight to keep Donald Trump’s name on a luxury high-rise, claiming election fraud could derail their candidacy. This was revealed in a report by the Post.

About 20 tenants of the 40-story, 194-unit Trump Plaza in New Rochelle want the former president’s name to remain on the building, as anti-Trump members of the condominium board manipulate the system to their advantage. He claimed that he was trying to manipulate him.

“They promised us it would be a non-political committee, but in reality it is not. This is all political,” said Monserrate, who has owned a room in the building since 2010. Fisher, 79, said.

A move to strip “Trump” from a tower that is one of only two major residential properties with Trump’s name remaining in the county has enough support for a 2022 condominium board vote. residents said they were unable to do so.

Trump Plaza owners Al and Gina Lepore and Monserrate Fisher are among those hoping to keep the former president’s name on a luxury building in Westchester County. LP media

This was supposed to resolve the dispute, but instead it appears some people in the building have started a campaign to get their way.

“They didn’t get the votes. This has to stop,” said Al Lepore, 65. “They won’t stop until they get their way.”

“The board is hardcore. They don’t talk to us because we’re Trump supporters. You have to keep your political views to yourself in things like this.” , added Lepore, who owns the apartment with his wife Gina.

“They hate them and are on a mission to eliminate him in New York.”

This glittering tower was built in 2007 as part of the suburban city’s downtown revitalization efforts, serving as the crowning jewel in the heart of what was once an overwhelming metropolis.

The condominium board voted to formally eliminate the Trump Organization in 2021, transferring management to real estate giant AKAM, but Trump’s name remained firmly on the surface.

But while a few owners and tenants have embraced the upscale image once associated with Trump’s name, others believe the former president’s subsequent controversies and legal wrangling mean it’s time to let go. They say it’s a sign that it’s coming.

The 40-story Trump Plaza skyscraper in New Rochelle was part of the suburban city’s downtown revitalization plan. LP media

“While there is a small, very vocal ownership group that does not support the name change, there is also a silent majority that we believe supports the name change,” board chairman Garg Root told The Post in an email this week. Ta.

“After careful consideration of this issue, we believe that this is the economically best option for the long-term value of the unit owner’s property,” he said.

Root acknowledged that the motion to remove the name did not pass on the condo owners’ 2022 ballot because not enough members showed up to vote.

“While it is correct that a vote on the name change was held in 2022, please note that 70% of those who voted were in favor of the name change and 30% were against it,” he wrote.

Root said the tally was not enough for the supermajority needed to make the change.

Tenants fighting to keep their names on the front of the building say the vote should have been the end of the story, and board members have accused them of circulating letters and Q&As in the building to drum up support for removing Trump from office. denounced, and even called for it. Owners can vote by proxy.

It has not worked so far because the required two-thirds vote has not yet materialized.

Gina LePeau, 68, said: “I never want to change my name. I don’t know why. They can’t convince me why. We don’t all necessarily love Trump – we Some people do. I’m a Trump supporter, but I won’t let that cloud my vision.

“Just give us the facts. The so-called facts they gave us were not facts, they were opinions,” she said.

Supporters of removing Donald Trump’s name from a New Rochelle skyscraper say the former president’s name no longer has the glamor it once had, lowering the building’s property value. LP media

The Trump Park Residence in Yorktown, a town north of Westchester, still bears Trump’s name, but vestiges of the county’s other former presidents’ glitter have been removed.

In 2021, condo owners voted to rename the former Trump Tower in White Plains, the county seat, and replace it with the more sensible tag of CityPlace Tower.

Skyscrapers in the Big Apple were once anchored by President Trump’s name, but have been stripped of that name in recent years, including an Upper West Side tower that voted to remove Trump’s branding in 2018. are doing.

Three other nearby buildings voted to do the same two years ago.

Trump’s name, once synonymous with luxury goods, has fallen out of favor in Democratic-dominated states like New York after a series of legal complications and political views that don’t align with liberals.

“I’m very upset,” Gina Lepore said. “We moved into this building before Trump became political, drawn to Trump’s name. His building was a gorgeous building, and everything he touched, he made beautiful.

The 40-story Trump Plaza building in New Rochelle was completed in 2007 and was part of the suburban city’s downtown revitalization effort. In 2021, it severed ties with the Trump Organization. LP media

“We were so excited when we moved here, and now that could be taken away from us,” she said.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with the value of the property,” LePeau added. “We don’t have a glut of apartments for sale here. When they go on the market, they sell quickly.”