RNC vs DNC spending stats reveal why Dems always seem to win

“Do you wonder why Democrats always win?” Sara Gonzalez asks. Apparently the answer can be found in the 2022-2023 “RNC Spending and DNC Spending” statistics.

Sara displays: RedState’s chartand it’s pretty obvious:

Sarah quickly became aware of the imprudent spending on the part of the RNC.

“The RNC spent nearly $300,000 on office supplies, while the DNC only spent $45,000,” she scoffed.

As for the flower arrangements, “The RNC spent more than $70,000,” while “The DNC spent over $70,000.” [spent] $795…because apparently the left understands that flowers aren’t important. ”

“Ronna Romney only travels in style,” she scoffs, which is why “the RNC spent $263,000” on limo service compared to “the DNC’s $7,000.”

But when it comes to more important issues like voter file maintenance and GOTV texting, Sarah can’t help but notice a distinct lack of concern.

“Maintenance of voter files appears to be quite important…RNC.” [spent] She criticized it as “$39,239,” compared to “about $236,000 for the DNC.”

As for the “get-out-vote text message campaign (which also seems very important if you want to win),” the RNC [spent] $86,000, DNC over $1.6 million. ”

Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning. Sara also reveals how much the RNC spent on “event tickets and other entertainment activities,” “private jet expenses,” “retail clothing stores,” “donor memorabilia,” and “alcohol-related expenditures.” statistics were drawn. It’s enough to make conservatives angry.

If you want to learn more about how the RNC is spending your money, watch the clip below.

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