Kamala Harris at DNC During Bomb Scare: Why?

In recent weeks, Americans have finally begun to learn more about the discovery of a pipe bomb at Democratic National Committee headquarters on January 6, 2021, while then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was inside the building. . Unreleased video released by Rep. Thomas Massey (R-Ky.), independent journalist Julie Kelly, and Blaze Media shows what happened at […]

RFK Jr. super PAC fires back at DNC with billboard campaign

A super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential bid is hitting back at claims by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). put up a signboard in the battleground state of Michigan. American Values ​​2024, led by co-founder Tony Lyons, unveiled nine billboards Wednesday. These counter the DNC’s claims that the PAC’s recent Super Bowl ads […]

DNC deletes Presidents Day post that didn’t include Carter

What about the Democratic National Committee? sharebut then It was deleted, President’s Day posts featured not only current President Joe Biden, but also former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. However, former President Jimmy Carter, the only remaining Democratic president, was conspicuously absent from the post. “While celebrating a living Democratic president, Democrats forgot about […]

DNC omits Jimmy Carter in now deleted Presidents Day post celebrating living Dem presidents

The Democratic National Committee raised eyebrows on social media on Monday, President’s Day, when it posted a photo of every living Democratic president except 99-year-old Jimmy Carter. Radio host Jason Luntz: “In celebrating a living Democratic president, Democrats forgot about Jimmy Carter.” Posted in X. The now-deleted post featured a photo of former Presidents Clinton, […]

Capitol Police turned cameras away from DNC pipe bomb probe. Blaze Media investigative journalist explains what they failed to hide

Apparently there are two.”inoperableThe day before the January 6, 2021, protests at the Capitol, pipe bombs were placed in the open near Democratic and Republican Party headquarters in Washington, DC. Official accounts of the bomb plot have been under intense scrutiny in the years since. First, Blaze News investigative journalist Steve Baker revealed that despite […]

RNC vs DNC spending stats reveal why Dems always seem to win

“Do you wonder why Democrats always win?” Sara Gonzalez asks. Apparently the answer can be found in the 2022-2023 “RNC Spending and DNC Spending” statistics. Sara displays: RedState’s chartand it’s pretty obvious: Sarah quickly became aware of the imprudent spending on the part of the RNC. “The RNC spent nearly $300,000 on office supplies, while […]

Phillips accuses DNC of ‘bleeding campaigns dry’ with lawsuits

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), who is mounting a long-term challenge to President Biden, said the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has filed lawsuits against non-incumbent candidates that would “chill the campaign.” “It’s happening,” he accused. In response to a new lawsuit filed against independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the committee argues that the committee is […]

DNC launches billboards in Michigan hitting RFK Jr. over donors linked to Trump

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) launched billboards in Michigan on Friday attacking independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over his super PAC, American Values ​​2024, a mega-donor to former President Trump. The committee first told The Hill that it received donations from . As President Kennedy begins his tour of the Great Lakes states, a […]

Bill Maher says Biden can be switched out at the DNC convention: He sold himself as a ‘one term’ president

“Real Time” host Bill Maher suggested it’s not too late for Democrats to oust President Biden at this summer’s Democratic National Convention following the special counsel’s explosive report. During a panel discussion Friday night, Maher revived the president’s nickname, “Ruth Bader Biden,” after special counsel Robert Hur made revelations about Biden’s cognitive abilities. “I said […]


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