‘Road House’ Stars Jake Gyllenhaal And Conor McGregor Weigh In After Director Boycotts Film Premiere

Roadhouse stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor spoke about director Doug Liman’s decision to boycott the premiere of his film in an interview with Total Film published Tuesday. I broke the silence in response.

The stars spoke out after director Lehman publicly criticized Amazon/MGM Studios’ decision not to release the film in theaters. Gyllenhaal expressed admiration for Lehman’s dedication to the film, but stressed Amazon’s transparency about its trajectory toward direct streaming movies.

“I respect Doug’s tenacity, and I think he’s an advocate for filmmakers, for movies in theaters, and for theatrical release. But I mean, Amazon has always been a big advocate of streaming. I was making it clear,” the actor said. total film.

“I want as many people as possible to see it,” Gyllenhaal continued. “And I think we live in a world where the way we see and watch movies and the way movies are made is changing. What’s clear to me, and what I love so much, is that [Liman’s] His deep love for this movie, how much he values ​​it, how great he thinks it is, and how much he wants more people to see it. ”

Adding to the debate, McGregor, who made his acting debut with the film, supported the idea of ​​a theatrical release, but said he understood the business dynamics at play. (Related: Check out the latest preview of ‘Ambulance’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal)

“I’ve been sitting on my computer or somewhere else watching a movie and felt a deep emotion,” McGregor said. “If the job of storytelling is to move people, I’ve been moved by both forms. I love movies and theatrical releases, but I also love the world of streaming.”

The upcoming rendition of the 80’s hit ‘Road House’ has sparked quite a bit of controversy, with controversy surrounding its release strategy rather than its content. At the center of the controversy is Lehman’s vocal criticism of the film’s distributor, Amazon MGM Studios, for choosing to stream the film on Prime Video rather than releasing it in traditional theaters.

Mr. Lehman publicly aired his dissatisfaction. deadline In an editorial last month, he announced his intention to boycott film premieres at SXSW as a form of protest against what he sees as a disservice to movies made for the big screen.



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