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ROOKE: Secret Tapes Reveal The Fed Throws Americans Under The Bus To Serve Biden

Hidden camera footage shows the U.S. Federal Reserve may have been able to fix inflation a while ago, but the consequences could hurt President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts and threaten Donald Trump. He rejected a difficult undertaking that would potentially put the former president back in the White House.

Despite Mr. Biden’s claims that the U.S. economy is stronger than ever and inflation is under control, Americans feel: pinch In every situation. Chief Economist of the Federal Reserve Board; Aurel Hismo, Said An undercover reporter said the Fed had stopped raising interest rates to fight inflation because it could cause a recession. If this happens, Mr. Biden’s 2024 campaign is likely to end.

Additionally, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has said that he “hates” President Trump and considers himself “a person who has drawn the line against President Trump.” Powell is in his first term. , he added, refusing to cooperate in stimulating the economy by lowering interest rates. Simply because President Trump wanted it.

“So Trump nominated him, Congress approved it, and immediately [Powell] When Trump became chairman, he called for lower interest rates. Because lowering interest rates stimulates the economy. Trump is president and he wanted to stimulate the economy.but [Powell] It won’t do that. He started raising interest rates, doing the opposite of what President Trump wanted. And Trump tried to find every loophole to remove him from office,” Hismo said. (Luke: Biden is about to deal a fatal blow to women’s sports)

Hismo said that while Powell’s relationship with Trump is contentious, he has a good relationship with Biden and his administration. He even boasted about all the progressive changes Powell brought to the Fed as chairman, including on equity, race, wealth inequality and climate change.

“[Powell] Create an environment that fosters research [climate change]This is to foster discussion in a region that is a friendly environment where climate scientists can be employed,” Hismo told an undercover journalist.

He also acknowledged that despite the Biden administration’s claims that it has tackled inflation, inflation is not getting worse “because we’ve been raising rates for a while.”inflation Rose The third month of March is cause Atlanta Fed President Rafael Bostic is reversing his earlier prediction that the Fed would cut interest rates three times this year.

“Biden won’t want interest rates to go down. At the same time, he doesn’t want inflation. Inflation is bad. Everyone is complaining about it,” he said. The Fed may take further steps to curb inflation, Mr. Hismo said, but he doesn’t want to do anything that would “trigger a recession.” Mr. Powell said he was deeply concerned about his own legacy and wanted Americans to see him as a “savior.”

Mr. Hismo acknowledged that he does not work with any conservatives and that people at the Fed would think conservatives and those who support Trump are “stupid.”

“So we don’t want Mr. Trump in government. But even if he comes, we’re going to do what’s best for our country. If he messes up or does something stupid… If we did, we have to correct it,” he said. Mr. Hismo talked about how the Federal Reserve (led by Powell) supported Mr. Trump to counter deregulation, as President Trump’s first term eliminated a lot of regulations to get the economy rolling. (Luke: President Trump plans to spend his second term dismantling left-wing favorite policies)

It’s no surprise that American institutions are occupied by progressive activists who hate America and think ordinary Americans are stupid. They are the kind of people who balk when the phrase “America first” is mentioned, and the idea of ​​doing what’s right for the country at the risk of losing it to your partner should be written in Latin. It’s foreign to them. .

Biden is desperate for the economy to turn around by November to make this election a referendum on Trump rather than his policies that are hurting Americans. Since the left controls everything from education to the economy, it is almost certain that the Fed will lower interest rates by the end of the year to boost morale and ease pressure on Biden. It has nothing to do with what’s good for Americans and everything to do with staying in power.