ROOKE: Secret Tapes Reveal The Fed Throws Americans Under The Bus To Serve Biden

Hidden camera footage shows the U.S. Federal Reserve may have been able to fix inflation a while ago, but the consequences could hurt President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts and threaten Donald Trump. He rejected a difficult undertaking that would potentially put the former president back in the White House. Despite Mr. Biden’s claims that the […]

Sydney Sweeney Reveals The Secret Behind Her Fit Physique

Actress and model Sydney Sweeney has put her toned physique on full display in a variety of roles, and now she’s sharing her fitness secrets with fans. The stunning 26-year-old is at the peak of her career in Hollywood, but her perfect figure doesn’t come without sacrifice. Her 18-hour work shifts span six full days […]

Iran’s Terrorist Militias Hold Secret Meetings with Hamas in Lebanon

Friday Radio Falda Quote Sources affiliated with Iranian-backed militias in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon are holding “secret strategic meetings” with Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Hezbollah’s underground base in Lebanon. According to Radio Farda’s sources, the meeting began several weeks ago and was attended by senior Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) […]

Somali Man Strangles Pregnant Swedish Lover To Keep Affair Secret from Family: Report

The attack also reportedly killed a fetus (report) A Somali man has been charged with murder for allegedly killing his Swedish girlfriend, who was seven months pregnant. Mohammed Abdilisek Ibrahim, 22, allegedly committed the crime to avoid introducing her to her strict Muslim family. The victim, Saga Forsgren Erneborg (20), was found dead inside her […]


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