Russell Brand Warns Tucker About Authoritarianism ‘Radically Escalating,’ Calls Out Groups Creating ‘Cultural Tension’

Comedian Russell Brand calls out Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson for potentially creating “cultural tensions” and the “rapid escalation” of authority he believes is coming. warned about principles.

Brand appeared on Carlson’s show on X (formerly Twitter) to talk about his reporting and the censorship he faced over it. Carlson asked the brand about past censorship it faced after reporting on issues within the COVID-19 pandemic. While the comedian described “unamplified” information, Carlson pointed out how “totalitarian” the problem seems. (Related article: Elon Musk says he is ‘disappointed’ after Russell Brand promotes Rumble as a ‘free speech’ platform due to ban)

“This seems totalitarian. I think that’s the definition of it: controlling what people can think,” Carlson said.

Brand agreed with the Daily Caller co-founder, saying “authoritarianism” appears to be weaponized through words like “care, consideration, safety and convenience.” The comedian stressed that people are being manipulated into giving up their “freedoms” using the ongoing crisis.

“I think that’s essentially what I’ve consistently felt and begun to report,” Brand said. It seems like the language is deliberately veiled. We seem to be living in an age where we move from one crisis to the next. Each crisis always justifies a particular solution. A submissive or fearful population that has been exploited and is willing to participate in this proposed solution, which usually involves giving up their freedoms,” Brand said.

“We are constantly being asked to give up our freedom in exchange for safety or convenience, and this process seems to be radically escalating. And I have a feeling we’re going to see more of this next year.” . I feel like you’ve talked about this publicly. We are on the brink of a potentially serious situation, in your words, “a hot war with Russia.” And that’s what’s being reported in my country right now, and it’s like we’re dressing up and getting ready for ‘war coming.’ ”

Brand went on to say that while the public is in a “constant” state of anxiety about compliance, government agencies such as the World Health Organization, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the World Economic Forum “continue to stoke” cultural tensions. Ta. Brand claimed that even seemingly independent organizations could be linked to some kind of “deep state” if their funds were traced, highlighting a new era of “totalitarianism.” (Related article: ‘Advertisers are censors’: Greg Gutfeld on how Tucker Carlson survived after being fired)

“[So] We are kept in a constant state of anxiety to encourage obedience. What continues to fuel cultural tensions is that we actually have far more in common with each other than the bizarre interests of establishment powers that seem to transcend national democracy. This is to prevent people from starting to realize that. To be clear, I’m talking about organizations like the WHO, NATO, and the WEF and their incredible influence,” Brand said.

“These think tanks and seemingly independent organizations are not independent when you look at where their funding comes from – Big Pharma, the government, the military-industrial complex. Or the kind of people they employ, the FBI. People in deep state agencies like the CIA and the CIA have an extraordinary affinity with legacy media and their ongoing agenda.”

“So what I feel is that totalitarianism today cannot withstand the refraction and aesthetics of medal-wearing 20th-century militarists with mustaches and banging their fists on desks. Gentlemen with beautifully styled hair and ladies with elegant speeches calmly ask us, “What’s wrong?” but we say “for safety” or “for our own convenience.” I will be returning home. And anyone who has the audience, the base, or the ability to communicate with people that disrupts those types of narratives will be identified and destroyed,” Brand said.

Last year, the brand faced censorship on YouTube for making money through advertising, following multiple allegations of sexual assault from women. The platform has more than 6.6 million subscribers, and YouTube had accused the comedian of violating its “Creator Responsibility Policy.”

The social platform also censored one of Brand’s previous videos due to “misinformation,” and Brand accused YouTube of hypocrisy in its enforcement.



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