AI voice cloning scams on the rise, expert warns

Sen. Mike Braun (R-S.C.) offers insight into the growing anxiety about technology on the Evening Edit. Scammers are increasingly focusing on Artificial intelligence (AI) Duplicate the voice of a targeted individual on social media, make panic phone calls to family and friends, and convince unwitting callers to hand over money or access sensitive information tool. […]

DOD’s delay in AI tech adoption plagued by ‘cultural rift,’ expert warns

Jacob Helberg of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission discusses defense technology, China’s growing aggression, and U.S. national security. In an open letter to Congress, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commissioner Jacob Helberg and several defense technology CEOs urge U.S. leaders to accelerate the development and deployment of artificial and defense technologies. ing. “In […]

Will Restrict Visas To Anyone “Undermining ” Bangladesh Elections, Warns US

General elections in Bangladesh are scheduled to be held at the end of December or January 2024. Dhaka: The United States said it was taking steps to impose visa restrictions on Bangladeshis seen as interfering with or “undermining” the South Asian country’s upcoming democratic election process. General elections in Bangladesh are scheduled to be held […]

RNC warns it will yank debate in New Hampshire if primary date shifts earlier

The Republican National Committee (RNC) warned the New Hampshire Republican Party on Friday that it would cut one of the party’s presidential debates if the state moves up its primary date ahead of the Iowa caucuses. caveat, First reported by FOX Newstensions are rising between the national Republican Party and New Hampshire, which has long […]

Uber Eats deliverer warns against workers illegally using app

Uber Eats employees pose a serious safety risk to New Yorkers by letting unvetted drivers, especially newly arrived immigrants, rent and borrow real accounts that give them access to customers’ homes. claims. John Gray, who has worked as an Uber Eats delivery driver in New York for five years, said the platform’s delivery drivers do […]

Billionaire Investor Warns Stocks Are Overvalued, Economic Crash Coming In Next 9 Months

Jeffrey Gundlach, the billionaire CEO of DoubleLine Capital, said Wednesday that the U.S. is likely to enter a recession within the next nine months. Gundlach said stocks are becoming less attractive compared to bonds, and predicted a recession would likely occur in the first half of 2024. “I think the market is significantly overvalued,” Gundlach […]