Rutgers slammed for allowing ‘antisemitic’ talks to continue — including one from a prof who appeared on panel with a Hamas official

Rutgers University has been accused of “anti-Semitic” lectures, with critics claiming it spreads “vitriolic hatred”, including a professor who once attended a panel discussion with senior Hamas officials. Also includes lectures.

Noura Erakat, an attorney and associate professor of international relations, gave a virtual lecture on Tuesday, “Justice for Some: Law and Palestine,” hosted by Rutgers Law School’s Center on Security, Race, and Rights in Crisis. I did “Problem”.

In 2020, she participated in an online workshop organized by the Palestinian nonprofit Masarat Center with senior Hamas leader Ghazi Hamad. According to the post Event promotion.

Critics say Rutgers University continues a pattern of supporting campus events that promote anti-Semitism, including a lecture by professor Nora Erakat. alamy stock photo
Jewish parents and activists have criticized Rutgers University for sponsoring an event they say is anti-Semitic. Noura Erakat/X

And Omar Shakir, director of Human Rights Watch, a group that is openly hostile to Israel, is scheduled to speak on “Gaza, Genocide, and International Law” on February 29th.

“Programs of this nature represent a pattern at Rutgers University of shamelessly condoning expressions of anti-Semitism by both faculty and students,” the group End Jew Hatred wrote to Rutgers administrators. written in a letter.

“Despite rising anti-Semitism on campus and previous large-scale protests, in the name of free speech, diversity, and academic freedom, Rutgers University continues to… They say no action has been taken to stop the virulent hatred.”

In November, Erakat participated in anti-Israel rallies in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, arguing that Israel was being disadvantaged. “The Depraved Pursuit of Wealth and Privilege”

Critics are calling on Rutgers professors to take action against programs and professors who push a “one-sided narrative.” RUCSRR/X

And a month later, Erakat’s controversial lecture on “Race, Liberation and Palestine” was slammed by critics who accused him of “providing a platform” to “known anti-Semites”. Condemned.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) said, “Rutgers University’s continued promotion of notorious anti-Semites has led to rampant hate speech and the potential for violence and harassment on campus.” It’s on the rise,” he told the Post.

“Different views are an important part of building cultural understanding, but universities cannot provide a bully pulpit to those who seek to divide and spew hatred,” he added.

December meeting between Erakat, Nick Estes and Marc Lamont Hill on ‘Race, Liberation and Palestine’ accused of ‘providing a platform’ to ‘known anti-Semites’ It was done.

Rutgers University has the largest Jewish population of any U.S. university and is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education for alleged anti-Semitism.

In November, Rutgers’ Student Bar Association nearly impeached an Orthodox Jewish member who complained that the organization was sharing Hamas propaganda. The student is currently litigating a lawsuit detailing other instances of alleged anti-Semitism.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are investigating CSRR, which sponsored Erakat’s talk and is sponsoring next week’s debate, accusing it of promoting “terrorist sympathizers” and anti-Semitism. There is.

Attendees listen to Rutgers University Associate Professor Noura Erakat’s “Teaching About Gaza” lecture on October 27, 2023. AP

Erakat ignored the accusations of anti-Semitism, instead saying that it is “unfortunate” that her advocacy “intimidates people in any way.” [other] people. “

She said the school and center have been under “intense scrutiny,” including the brief suspension of the student chapter of Justice for Palestine. SJP said she allegedly committed vandalism and disrupted classes in December. According to reports.

“This is a natural progression across campus of oppressive institutions seeking to reduce space rather than engage in these discussions,” Erakat said.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are currently investigating Rutgers Law School’s Center on Safety, Race, and Rights. Kyle Mazza/SOPA Image/Shutterstock

Alumni, an advocacy group for campus equity, praised the university when it suspended SJP, but now it appears it has not learned any “meaningful lessons,” said Avi, the university’s executive director. Gordon told the Post.

“SJP has been revived and anti-Semitic speakers have been touted at official university events,” Gordon said.

Many argue that schools have a duty to protect Jewish students from anti-Semitism, harassment and intimidation, and that the First Amendment is not a passing point.

Rutgers University continues to demonstrate a lack of consideration for both Jewish students and the university’s obligations under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, leading to criticism from critics such as the advocacy group Alumni for Campus Equity. is blaming. Richard Harvath

“The standards at public universities are completely different,” said Jeffrey Lux, a law professor who runs SAFE Campus, an on-campus advocacy group for Zionist Jews. “The standard is: Are we interfering with students’ rights to attend class, receive a proper education, be free from harassment, and have a safe environment on campus?”

He noted that public institutions can legally shut down speech that impedes students’ access to education.

Rutgers did not respond to a request for comment.



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