Exclusive – Cuba Charges Anti-Communists in U.S., Including Breitbart Contributor, with ‘Terrorism’

Cuba's Interior Ministry on Thursday announced the arrest of 61 Cuban exiles accused of involvement in, financing or other support for terrorism, including journalists, human rights activists, former political prisoners and internet influencers based abroad. A list of 20 organizations was published. The list includes Brothers to the Rescue and movimiento democrasia, dedicated to rescuing […]

Venezuela Arrests Dissidents, Including an American, After Biden Lifts Sanctions

CARACAS, Venezuela — The socialist government on Thursday arrested a group of Venezuelan opposition politicians on charges of “treason” and “collusion” against the recent referendum. Annex A region comprising most of Guyana. Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro's government has confirmed the arrest of at least one American citizen. In a sweeping crackdown on dissent, he was […]

Archives to Divulge 62K Biden Records, Including Alias Emails 

The National Archives will reportedly release 62,000 records requested by the House impeachment inquiry, including documents related to President Joe Biden's fake emails. This trove of records could provide House investigators with additional evidence of Joe Biden's involvement in the family business. Evidence of Joe Biden's involvement includes, but is not limited to: Photo of […]

MA driver crashes into 3, including police officer, steals cruiser in Boston suburb

A driver crashed into three people, including a police officer, and stole a police cruiser in a Boston suburb Wednesday. The suspect fled, then crashed into a stolen police car and was pursued on foot. National Grid power company crews were reportedly struck and one worker was seriously injured. A driver struck at least two […]

Microsoft Signed Partnerships with Chinese State Media for Technology Including AI

Newly discovered documents expose Microsoft’s partnership with Chinese state media, raising concerns that the tech giant is involved in spreading state propaganda. Washington Free Beacon report The document reveals the extent of the partnerships Microsoft has forged with Chinese state-run media outlets such as China Daily and People’s Daily, which are recognized as propaganda organs […]

F1 announces 6 Sprint races for 2024 season, including a US double

F1’s Sprint Saturday will return to the grid next season, although opinions on the format remain mixed, including from the drivers themselves. Now you know which races will have F1 sprint races next year. F1 announced on Tuesday its schedule for the 2024 season, which includes six F1 sprint races, two sprint races in the […]

Maine education proposal sparks debate over middle school curriculum including genocide

Maine officials have proposed updating middle school science education standards to include education about genocide, eugenics, and the Holocaust. The proposal aims to address the misuse of science to justify oppression and abuse throughout history. The Maine Department of Education is accepting public comments on the proposal, with educators and academics expressing concern and support. […]