Sam Bankman-Fried’s mom suggests he’s too autistic for prison in bid to spare him from accountability

The U.S. District Court in Manhattan will sentence convicted fraudster Sam Bankman Freed on March 28. The Democratic mega-donor faces up to 110 years in prison, but Stanford law professor Barbara Fried told the court in a Tuesday filing that the fraudster’s son is too sensitive for prison. Stated.

Barbara Freed — sued Misunderstood autistic man Sam Bankman-Freed was ordered to serve up to 6 1/2 years in prison in September, along with her husband Joseph Bankman, for allegedly enriching their own pockets with money their son stole from customers. I drew it as.

A federal jury in October found that Sam Bankman Fried stole $8 billion from FTX customers primarily to hurt Democratic candidates, left-wing causes, real estate purchases, investments in other companies, and other pet causes. It was ruled that it was stolen.He also reportedly He gifted his parents tens of millions of dollars and a $16.4 million estate in the Bahamas.

Bankman Freed ultimately was convicted of a crime of two counts of wire fraud conspiracy. 2 counts of wire fraud. One count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Conspiracy to commit product fraud. Conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

Barbara Freed, a liberal who ran a donor network for Democratic candidates, said in a filing that her 32-year-old son’s “eccentricity” no longer appeals to him now that he is a pathetic criminal. He suggested that it had disappeared and was a victim of public ridicule. report New York Post.

“While he was at the top of the world, the public was fascinated by, or at least pretended to be, many of his eccentricities. The moment he fell, that same public became inexorable, obsessive about his awkward features and way of speaking. “He scoffed and took them as “a sign of duplicity or worse, painting him as a freak with nefarious intentions,” Freed wrote.

“Words are the media’s weapon of choice,” continued the wealthy mother of a scammer. She added: “The same cannot be said for prisons.”

Fried hinted that her son, who is addicted to Adderall, has some form of autism, which could make life difficult.

”[Bankman-Fried] “He has many of the quirks typical of high-functioning people with ASD,” Freed wrote, referring to the autism spectrum disorder, “and he responds to social cues in a ‘normal’ way.” “You have trouble reacting, you feel uncomfortable looking people in the eye, and you feel uncomfortable with external pretense.”Emotional. ”

“Once some inmates get to know Sam, they may come to think highly of him, but miscommunication in such an environment is dangerous. “Sam’s characteristics make it much more likely that something like that will happen,” she added.

Mark Mukasey, the attorney overseeing the fraudster’s sentencing, cited Fried’s letter and others as evidence of the former billionaire’s “neurodiversity.”

“He may be perceived as being unfriendly, negative, evasive, indifferent, or indifferent,” the filing states.

Despite Sam Bankman Freed’s track record, destroy various lives and lifestylesfather of a con artist, professor at Stanford Law School joseph bankman “Nothing he has done justifies putting him at risk,” he wrote.

Miriam Baer, ​​vice dean of Brooklyn Law School, told the Times that even though Justice Louis A. Kaplan had not abandoned Democratic megadonors for a century, “Given Mr. Bankman’s youth, “There is still the possibility of a very severe sentence.” Freed, for example, is sentenced to 30 or 35 years in prison. ”

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