San Francisco Mayor London Breed Condemns Board’s Anti-Israel ‘Ceasefire’ Resolution

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Saturday condemned the Oversight Committee's recent resolution calling for a “ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip, taking the unusual step of distancing himself from the vote that has divided the city and drawn international criticism. Ta.

Last Tuesday, as Breitbart News reported, the board voted 8-3 to adopt a “ceasefire.” solution. While this resolution went further than other similar resolutions in actually condemning the terrorist organization Hamas, it also created a false moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas. Members of the Jewish community also said the resolution heightened concerns about anti-Semitism in the city.

Breitbart News pointed out that:

The resolution was first introduced a month ago. During this time, San Francisco has seen destructive anti-Israel protests targeting Christmas events, as well as court proceedings in the trial of dozens of activists who blocked the Bay Bridge.

This resolution goes further in condemning Hamas than a similar resolution recently passed in Oakland. However, attempts to equate Israel and Hamas failed. For example, the group's claim that the “Netanyahu government” – in fact a national unity government that includes the main opposition party – has killed “tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians” in Gaza is a significant proportion of the casualty count. did not point out. According to reports from Hamas officials, terrorists are actually hiding among civilians.

A ceasefire was reached on October 7, but Hamas violently broke it. A ceasefire now would put Hamas in power in Gaza.

Local conservative activist Richie Greenberg also said: Breitbart News Sunday On Sunday's Sirius The district includes the Tenderloin, one of the areas hardest hit by crime, drug abuse and homelessness.

Mayor Breed said he spoke Sunday after being contacted by the mayor of Haifa, an Israeli city that is San Francisco's sister city and whose residents are distressed by the Board of Supervisors resolution.

of san francisco chronicle report:

“Like my recent predecessors in this office, I rarely comment on or take action on non-binding resolutions from the Board of Supervisors,” Breed said in a statement Saturday afternoon. ” he said. “Exceptions can be made to this.”

Breed said he was moved to denounce the regulator's resolution after receiving an anguished letter from his counterpart in Haifa, Israel's third-largest city. When Mr. Breed visited Israel last year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship, he met with Haifa Mayor Einat Kalish-Rotem.
The “pain and confusion” Ms. Kalish-Rotem expressed in her letter “demonstrates the impact of our actions and the care required when addressing complex issues over which we have no jurisdiction. '' Breed said.

Breed's comments are likely to infuriate anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists who have besieged civilian facilities in recent months.

But it marks another departure from left-wing orthodoxy for the mayor, who will drop his “defund the police” policy in the 2021 election, as demanded by the Black Lives Matter movement. He called the anti-crime policies “bullish.”

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