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Sandy Hook families want to seize Alex Jones' social media accounts

Family members of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting moved on Thursday to take over Alex Jones’ social media accounts as the bankruptcy case surrounding his estate moves into liquidation.

Jones, who was found liable for nearly $1.5 billion in damages for falsely claiming that the 2012 mass murders were somehow fabricated, has been trying to avoid losing all his assets in bankruptcy proceedings.

The family and Mr. Jones reached an agreement last week to liquidate Mr. Jones’ assets, including his stock in the Web show “Infowars,” which Mr. Jones used to spread false conspiracies. In a court filing Thursday, the family argued that the liquidation should also include his social media accounts to prevent him from using them to launch future businesses.

The family argued that Jones’s X account, which has 2.3 million followers, was “no different to the client list of any other liquidation firm”.

A Houston judge is scheduled to move Jones’ case into Chapter 7 bankruptcy at a hearing on Friday, during which claims related to his social media accounts will be considered. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy ruling means Jones’ family can continue to collect his assets and income until his debts are paid in full, possibly for the rest of his life.

Jones said in court documents. Less than $12 million This means that even after Infowars and his other assets are sold, he will be left with huge legal liabilities.

The massacre, which took place in 2012, left 22 children and six school staff dead. Jones has repeatedly claimed the slain students were actors and that the massacre was staged, leading to harassment of the families of the victims.