Sean Hannity blasts Judge Juan Merchan in NY v. Trump

Fox News host Sean Hannity described Judge Marchan’s decision in New York v. Trump as “Hannity

Sean Hannity: Judge Marchan Despite the lack of evidence of a crime, the prosecution is clearly trying to get the case over with by objecting and accepting irrelevant, immaterial and dishonest testimony, including misleading speculation that Cohen’s past campaign finance violations are somehow related to the case.

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“Well, you can’t blame him for stealing. He felt mistreated, and it’s no big deal, and Trump is guilty, by the way,” Judge Marchan blasted the defense. Trump’s lawyerscolded Trump’s witness Bob Costello and blocked expert witnesses on election law from testifying, while former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley Smith overruled most of the objections.

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He issued a strict gag order against Donald Trump alone, threatening to send him to prison if he violated it. This judge is out of control and now the situation is against Trump.