Shoplifter bites security officer and abandons his 11-year-old boy in Atlanta mall parking lot, police say

Cobb County Police said. that the man ran away After being caught shoplifting at an Atlanta mall and abandoning her 11-year-old son in late December.

James Calvin Smith allegedly stole a bag and filled it with $852 worth of clothing and perfume purchased at Macy's at Cumberland Mall before being approached by loss prevention officers. Police say he pushed her out of the way and then assaulted her security guard.

“During a physical struggle, the subject bit the security sergeant's arm in an attempt to escape,” Cobb County Police Sgt. Eric Smith.

To evade arrest, Smith fled, leaving the child in a car in the mall parking lot.

“He left the mall with the child in the car. Essentially, he left the child behind,” Smith continued.

According to the arrest warrant, the boy “stated multiple times that he was scared and started crying.”

“The officers remained in the vehicle for a while, but the man did not return to check on the child,” a source close to the investigation added.

WAGA-TV story Several shoppers outside the mall were shocked to hear this story.

“As a teacher, it just breaks my heart. As a mother, as a human being, why would I leave my child?” Thielbird said.

“Leaving a child in a car is completely unacceptable,” Megan Elliott said. “Why would you shoplift in the first place? I mean, there are jobs out there for people, there's help out there. I don't understand why people would shoplift and put their children at risk.”

Smith has outstanding warrants for assault, simple assault, theft by shoplifting, and second-degree child abuse.

Police said the boy was placed in the care of a responsible adult.

Reports regarding this incident are as follows:

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