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Should you hire a ‘theme park nanny’ for your Disney World trip?

Meet the happiest nannies on the planet.

Disney-bound parents who are overwhelmed by the prospect of taking their families to the Disney parks are increasingly turning to companies like Once Upon a Nanny and Nanny Land, which offer babysitting and Disney tour guide services in one.

As both companies’ businesses continue to perform well, According to TODAY.comSo-called “theme park nannies” are sharing what it’s really like to wear a glass slipper.

Sian Nardiello has revealed what it’s really like to be a “theme park nanny.” Theme Park Nanny/Instagram

Sian Nardiello decided to start her own business after posting a TikTok post in 2020 about an amazing experience she had taking a little girl she often babysat to Disneyland. She now employs 50 people.

“Any little thing I can do to help them, I’ll do it,” Nardiello told TODAY.com.

The Florida-based college student and her staff will take the kids to theme parks on their own when mom or dad wants a break, or they’ll happily accompany the whole family and help out wherever needed.

Nardiello and her staff can suggest which rides and parades to check out based on kids’ favorite characters, plan the best route, provide info on wait times, secure a place in line and even show you the locations of baby-changing stations, shady spots for naps and sensory rooms.

The Florida college student and her employees help out where they can, whether it’s taking their kids to the theme parks on their own or bringing the whole family along.

Theme Park Nanny/Instagram

“It’s tailored to the needs of each family,” Nardiello said.[These services] It has revolutionized theme park vacations for families.”

Skyrocketing prices and the addition of new services have made planning and paying for theme park vacations increasingly burdensome for families, resulting in additional expenses.

Food prices at Disney World in Florida have soared an average of 61% over the past decade, nearly double the rate of inflation over the same period. According to a survey conducted by FinanceBuzz.

Meanwhile, ticket prices have increased by an average of 56% over the past decade.

Recent Reviewed by Bloomberg News A typical family of four was found to spend at least $4,280 for a week’s stay.

But despite ever-higher prices, many families are ready to shell out the extra money for a “theme park nanny” to ensure they have the best time possible.

“It’s tailored to the needs of each family,” Nardiello said. “These services have revolutionized theme park vacations for families.” Nannyland Insta/Instagram

“Many families tell us they wouldn’t have taken the trip if it weren’t for us,” Nanny Land CEO Shannon Albrecht told TODAY.com, noting that “it’s usually very clear why they need us,” such as the number of children, the age gap or disabilities.

Nannyland employee Erin N. said that although she works to ensure families have a good time, she “really enjoys getting the chance to relive my childhood and see the theme park from a child’s perspective.”

“It’s a truly magical experience.”