SNL Ruins One Of The Few Funny, Apolitical Sketches That Came Out Of The Trump Years

“Saturday Night Live” tried to recreate one of Ryan Gosling’s most iconic sketches of all time but ended up absolutely ruining it, Saturday (duh).

Six years ago, “SNL” brought us the iconic “Papyrus” sketch, in which Gosling’s character “Steven” can’t get over the fact that James Cameron used the font for the logo of his iconic movie “Avatar.” The original skit is around three minutes long. And that’s all you need to be able to laugh out loud.

There is literally never a bad time to make fun of James Cameron — who should always be referred to by his full name.

He’s one of the most successful people in the world and I’ve never actually seen him smile about anything, ever, so why not rip the piss out of him at every opportunity? I think it makes us all feel better about how little we’ve done in life compared to him. And this is probably why all of us connected so deeply with Gosling’s unhinged “Steven” character.

Unfortunately “SNL” decided to eviscerate all of our good memories of this iconic sketch by recreating it on Saturday night (again, duh). (RELATED: Ryan Gosling Yells At Critics, And He’s Totally Justified)

Gosling’s “Steven” was back, still stressing over the use of the “papyrus” font, which he seemingly bumps into on a near-daily basis. That is until he realizes “Avatar” changed its font to something else … a bold version of “Papyrus.”

For some reason, it took six minutes for the skit to play out. And it’s not worth it.

The original sketch is silly, funny and a total mockery of people who take entertainment seriously. The newest is a fairly twisted, not-funny interpretation of mental illness caused by the existence of James Cameron (having lived with marine biologists, I can concur that the filmmaker evokes some really bizarre upreactions in people).