Soaring temperatures could shatter over 300 temperature records to close out February

Unseasonably warm temperatures will continue to spread across much of the United States this week, with highs from Texas to the Midwest likely to feel more like May than the end of a meteorological winter.

Hundreds of temperature records, including record highs and record-warmest lows, are expected to fall by midweek, with Monday and Tuesday expected to be the warmest days across the Plains and Midwest. . More than 250 million Americans will experience above-average temperatures on Monday.

“This warmth is really starting to intensify in the mid-level regions of the country today and continues to turn east by about Tuesday,” FOX Weather meteorologist Jane Minnaar said.

Cities like Omaha, Nebraska and Indianapolis could see highs in the 60s to 70s, making late May temperatures more typical.

The high temperature in Chicago on Tuesday is expected to be 68 degrees. This warm air will add to the threat of severe weather in the Midwest.

Temperatures in the southern Plains move past spring and quickly become summer-like, with highs in the 80s and 90s in Texas and Oklahoma.

This map shows possible lows for this week’s record warmth. fox weather

Daily high temperatures are expected to reach above 50 on Monday from Texas to North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Dozens of daily records could be shattered again Tuesday from Texas to the Great Lakes.

Some of the hottest areas in the U.S. on Sunday were in Texas, and the heat is likely to intensify into Tuesday.

See how many Americans are expected to experience above-average warmth over the next three days fox weather
Records could be broken across the Northeast on Wednesday. fox weather

The expected high temperature in Dallas on Sunday is 86 degrees, rising to 93 degrees on Monday.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service in Fort Worth predict that unseasonably warm temperatures and low relative humidity of about 15% will increase the threat of grass fires early in the week.

Combining the expected number of record highs and record-warmest lows, more than 300 temperature records could be matched or broken between Monday and Wednesday.

Record high temperatures and record warm low temperatures are expected to drop through midweek. AP

Records could also be broken Wednesday before a powerful cross-country storm sweeps across the Northeast.

These humid temperatures will cause cities from Minnesota to Maine to experience one of the 10 warmest winters on record, meteorologically speaking.

The record-warmest low will likely exceed the all-time high, as lows earlier this week will be higher than the average high for this time of year, according to the FOX Prediction Center.

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Temperatures will drop again later in the week as a cold front carrying a cross-country storm brings temperatures down.

This front will bring severe temperature fluctuations to millions of people.

“This warmth is deepening quickly, with records expected through about Tuesday and Wednesday, but once the storm passes, it’s a strong reminder that yes, it’s still winter and we still need coats,” Minard said. said.

Low temperatures earlier this week will be higher than average high temperatures for this time of year, so record-warm low temperatures could exceed high temperatures. AP

later in the week, According to the FOX Prediction Center, temperatures will range from 20 to 30 degrees above average to 10 to 20 degrees below average.

This temperature change will also be accompanied by howling winds.

Temperatures could drop below freezing in parts of the northern tier by Wednesday.

The country would then be divided by unseasonably warm temperatures in the south and cold temperatures in the north.

However, the FOX Prediction Center is tracking a long-range forecast for a return to warmth across the country during the first week of March.