Socialist lawmaker says the quiet part out loud: ‘There is no such thing as parental rights’

Efforts are underway across Canada to replicate America’s red state success in strengthening parental rights.

Saskatchewan ratified the Parents’ Bill of Rights in October. New Brunswick currently has teacher Parental consent must be obtained before using humor to express a student’s heterosexual fantasies.Alberta is Ready to pass a wide range of policies and legislation This not only bans children from undergoing sex reassignment mutilation or taking puberty blockers, but also allows parents to keep track of their children’s efforts to change their gender at school, and allows men to Women will be banned from participating in sports.

Radical LGBT activists, teachers’ unions and other advocates of social distancing are fighting tooth and nail against this campaign to strengthen parental rights. Socialist MPs in Ottawa recently laid out the ideas at the heart of their efforts. “Parental rights never existed from the beginning.”

Randall GarrisonNDP MPs and Israel-Hamas ceasefire supporteris a non-heterosexual LGBT activist who has criticized the efforts of local governments. strengthen parental authority and protect children from unnecessary, irreversible and disfiguring medical interventions.

When asked about the proposed legislation in Alberta, Garrison said:
It seems that it is supported So-called “gender-affirming care” can be done at any age, but “cosmetic surgery on intersex children” is not, the quiet part said loudly.

“First of all, I would like to say that there is no such thing as parental rights in Canada,” Garrison said. “Parents have responsibilities, and in Canadian family law, a parent’s primary responsibility is to support and affirm their child.”

“Children have rights in Canada,” the LGBT activist continued, “and these types of policies limit the rights children have in Canada.”

Alberta plans to ban the removal of genitals and healthy breasts for minors under 17, as well as the provision of irreversible puberty blockers and hormone therapy to children under 15. . Garrison seems to think that children cannot legally drink alcohol. You should have the right to get a tattoo and drive a car.

The state will also require parental notification and consent before schools change the name or pronouns of a child under 15. For children aged 16 and 17, the school does not require permission, but must still notify parents.

Additionally, parents will have the opportunity to opt their children out whenever teachers attempt to address so-called gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexuality.
according to to national media.

Finally, Alberta will ban male cross-dressers from participating in women’s sports leagues.

Garrison’s custody denial mirrors similar claims made in the United States, not all of which relate to LGBT issues.

The 2021 paper was authored by Kyle B. Blaser, professor of pediatrics at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and chief scientific officer of the Norton Children’s Research Institute, and Ellen Wright Clayton, professor of health policy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.Politico titled “”The dangerous legal fantasy of “parental rights.”“”

“Case law is clear that parental rights are secondary when it comes to society’s interest in protecting children,” the professors wrote. “Parents have the freedom to direct their children’s medical care and education, but these rights are not unlimited.”

The brothers and Clayton argued that, for example, children could be required to wear masks or get vaccinated even if their parents aren’t in the car.

“We should spend less time thinking about the rights we claim for ourselves and more time thinking about our responsibility to protect our children,” the scholars wrote, faithfully delivering Garrison’s assessment word for word.

Other leftists seek to undermine the concept of parental rights by insisting on collective responsibility and state ownership for children.

April speechPresident Joe Biden quoted a teacher who said, “‘There is no such thing as someone else’s child.'”

The elderly Democrat went on to say, “There are no other people’s children. All of our children are our children.”

The concept that children are effectively wards of the state has been codified in California and other Democratic states where authorities are legally required to do so.
refusing to reunite runaway children with their parents If your children are about to undergo sex reassignment mutilation.

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