Brazil’s Socialist President Lula Delivers Anti-Israel Rant in Egypt

Brazil’s radical leftist president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, accused Israel on Thursday of killing “women and children” in a self-defense operation against the jihadist terrorist group Hamas. The Brazilian president criticized Israel as part of his speech during an official visit to Egypt. session In this, Lula also called on the United Nations to […]

Socialist lawmaker says the quiet part out loud: ‘There is no such thing as parental rights’

Efforts are underway across Canada to replicate America’s red state success in strengthening parental rights. Saskatchewan ratified the Parents’ Bill of Rights in October. New Brunswick currently has teacher Parental consent must be obtained before using humor to express a student’s heterosexual fantasies.Alberta is Ready to pass a wide range of policies and legislation This […]

Leftist Riots Against Socialist President Cause $680 Million in Economic Damages to Bolivia

Bolivia’s economy suffered Supporters of former Bolivian socialist president Evo Morales rioted for 10 days against the socialist government of Mr. Morales’ “disowned” successor Luis Arce, resulting in $680 million. The above losses occurred. The ongoing protests are linked to Mr. Arce and Mr. Morales, who despite being ineligible to run for president, are attempting […]

Socialist Dictatorship Threatens To Use Border Crisis To Wrangle Concessions From Biden

The socialist dictatorship is threatening to use the border crisis to extract economic concessions from President Joe Biden. Delcy Rodríguez, vice president of the socialist Venezuelan government, says that if the Biden administration reinstates sanctions on Venezuela’s economy, the country will take similar measures, including suspending repatriation flights for illegal Venezuelan migrants who show up […]

Argentine president Javier Milei skewers elites in Davos for pushing socialist agenda

Argentina's new president, Javier Millay, drew widespread praise from conservatives after criticizing the world's elites at the World Economic Forum this week for abandoning capitalism and pursuing socialist policies that “create poverty.” collected. Millay, a self-described anarcho-capitalist elected in November with a pledge to cut Argentina's bloated government spending, said in a speech at the […]

Socialist Bolivia Seeks to Imprison Top Conservative Leaders in Nation for 20 Years

Bolivia's public prosecutor's office on Tuesday indicted right-wing Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and former President Jeanine Áñez for allegedly participating in a 2019 “coup” against former socialist President Evo Morales. Prosecutor Omar Mejillones, who is leading the “coup” case, is seeking 20 years in prison for Camacho, Áñez and six others for plotting […]

Biden Concessions Trigger Mad Dash to Buy Socialist Venezuela’s Oil

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's socialist Maduro government expects oil exports to increase significantly in 2024 after President Joe Biden eased oil sanctions against the rogue socialist regime in October. Biden's decision to rescind sanctions restricting the activities of the state-run Venezuelan Petroleum Company (PDVSA), imposed by dictator Nicolas Maduro in response to a spate of […]

Javier Milei Signs Executive Order Weakening or Ending 350 Socialist Policies

Argentina's President Javier Millay announced on national television on Wednesday night that he had signed a Decree of Emergency Necessity (DNU), a type of executive order. Estimation 350 Federal Economic Policy. President Millei's executive orders target nearly every aspect of Argentina's economy, including imports, price controls, health care, sports federations, landlord-tenant policies, and the Yerba […]


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