Southwest Houston IRS office turns away taxpayers amid deadline –

The office on South Gessner Drive was scheduled to open Saturday to assist last-minute filers. Just before 11 a.m., everyone waiting was told that no aid would be available.

HOUSTON — Houston taxpayers considering free access I.R.S. Assistance from the southwest Houston office was declined Saturday.

The sudden closure of the IRS office on South Gessner Drive near the Southwest Freeway left many residents frustrated.

The office, along with 70 other taxpayer assistance centers across the country, offered special Saturday hours to assist last-minute filers.

The office was scheduled to close at 4 p.m., but those waiting for assistance were told just before 11 a.m. that the office would close.

“The door was supposed to open at 9 o’clock and when I came out I was told they weren’t serving anyone today. I’ve been here with my elderly mother since 6:30 this morning and last night literally People were here at 12 o’clock,”’ resident Calbetta Brandiburg said.

KHOU 11 News reached out to the IRS, which sent a statement acknowledging the delay and saying the delay was due in part to “overwhelming demand for taxpayer assistance.”

As a result, the agency will take “special steps” next week to further help Houston-area taxpayers, including adding staff to the office and adding more people to answer the phones.

The deadline to file a tax return or request an extension is Monday, April 15th.

Full statement:

The IRS has surged resources to expand in-person services, opening or reopening more than 50 new walk-in centers in the past two years and ensuring those centers are staffed. The IRS added over 11,000 hours of free time to him this filing season. This is the most hours of in-person service provided by the IRS in IRS history.

Saturday’s delay is caused by overwhelming demand from taxpayers seeking assistance, and the IRS remains committed to serving those who have not been able to receive direct assistance. For those who cannot be reached in person, we are collecting names and phone numbers whenever possible so that an IRS representative can call you back. To further help taxpayers in the Houston area, we will be taking special measures on Monday and throughout the week. We will be staffing our offices next week and adding more people to support our phone lines.

We also remind taxpayers that there are many ways to receive assistance from the IRS. Taxpayers in need of assistance are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling (844) 545-5640. Many issues can be resolved over the phone, eliminating the need to go to an IRS office. Taxpayers can also automatically extend their filing deadline until October 15 by visiting

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