Stanford professor defends herself after being accused of ‘reckless disregard for accuracy’

A Stanford University professor who was one of the thought leaders behind San Francisco’s decision to eliminate middle school algebra on equity grounds says her research is “based on inaccuracies.” She has been criticized for the allegations, which she vehemently denies.

Dr. Joe Bohler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University and supports Promote.[ing] He has had a significant influence on California’s mathematics instruction framework for K-12 students.

On March 20, the elite institution was anonymously sent a 100-page complaint filled with allegations that Bohler “showed a reckless disregard for accuracy through misrepresentation of citations.”

“Our contention is that Dr. Bohler misrepresents the findings and methods in a number of referenced papers and that she supports the claims made in her research, even though those papers are not supported. “Falsely representing that there is a reckless disregard for accuracy,” the complaint said. “Stanford University says it conducts research to benefit society, but if that research is based on inaccuracies, how does it benefit society?”

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Joe Bohler advocates for equity in math education.

The complaint cites Bohler’s work influencing California’s math curriculum as the reason for the report.

“The alleged falsehood of Dr. Bohler’s quotation is problematic because her research is the basis of the recently adopted (October 2023) California Mathematics Curriculum Framework (CMF). , is intended to guide implementation of the California Mathematics Standards in K-12 public schools.As such, Dr. Bohler’s research, which is the basis of the CMF, is intended to guide implementation of the California Mathematics Standards in K-12 public schools. “This could potentially impact mathematics education for children in public schools,” the complaint states.

Dr. Bohler denied the allegations in numerous statements to Fox News Digital, saying this was simply “the latest attempt to silence and discredit me.” A representative for Boaler told Fox News that all of the research used in the framework was thoroughly vetted by an independent party.

“The accusers disagree with my interpretation of the cited findings, and most of their accusations demonstrate a lack of understanding of educational research protocols and processes. “In the view of others who have analyzed the results, this is far from the case. It points not to academic misconduct at any level, but rather to differences in beliefs about education,” she told FOX News Digital.

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Bohler also said the accusers are exaggerating the amount of research at issue.

“The complaint filed contains repeated sentences to make it appear longer, and instead includes 15 studies, seven of which are based on timed tests of mathematical facts,” she said. added.

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Algebra was removed from the curriculum for “equity” purposes.

According to , Bohler was considered one of the early champions of eliminating eighth-grade algebra. washington free beacon. She presents her argument for delayed algebra in her co-authored article titled “How One City Got Math Right.” Additionally, she and her co-authors said the policy would benefit “students of color, female students, students of low socioeconomic status, bilingual students, and students with special needs.” He explained.

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The policy was rescinded after the algebra ban resulted in lower student performance.

“I’m not opposed to students taking algebra in eighth grade. They absolutely should do it if they’re ready for the course. But I don’t think it’s important to screen large numbers of students into lower-level paths. I strongly disagree,” Boler told FOX News Digital.

Ms. Boler believes the attacks against her are political in nature and not based on the facts at hand. (Fox News Digital)


Ms. Boler believes the attacks against her are political in nature and not based on the facts at hand.

“What we are seeing now in terms of criticism of me and my work is nothing new. “It has inspired a resurgence and continues to do so as I continue to work to advance equity in mathematics education,” she said.

Fox News Digital reached out to Stanford University for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.