California organizers defends pro-Palestinian ‘Teach-In’ against criticism it’s ‘anti-Israel propaganda’

Teachers in Oakland, California, held a pro-Palestinian “teach-in” Wednesday, asking elementary school children to draw pictures of what they think the Zionist leader looks like and define genocide. asked to do so. Superintendent of Oakland Unified School District; Kyla Johnson Trammell issued a warning to teachers planning to hold unsanctioned events, saying the curriculum does […]

Hero NYC Butcher Defends Autistic Coworker from Random Attack

A New York City supermarket butcher became a hero Friday after defending his autistic co-worker from an unprovoked attack by a career criminal. Ray Wilkins, 49, had just finished his job at a grocery store in Queens and was warming up his moped when he yelled at another special needs employee, saying, “I'm going to […]

Blinken defends rare move of bypassing Congress to send ammunition to Israel  

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday defended the Biden administration's decision to bypass Congress and send ammunition to Israel, saying the unusual action was justified because Israel needs to protect itself from the militant Hamas group. he claimed. Asked on ABC News' “This Week” why the Biden administration decided to push ahead with the […]

Wealthy donor pulls gift worth $100 million from University of Pennsylvania after president defends anti-Semitism in Congress

University of Pennsylvania will be eliminated. large donation It was valued at $100 million after the university's president bizarrely defended anti-Semitic speech on campus in Congress. University of Pennsylvania President Elizabeth McGill testified before Congress on Tuesday about how university officials responded to calls for violence against Jews. She was widely criticized for defending hate […]

Son of Vancouver, Washington, murder-suicide dad defends him

The only surviving son of a suicidal veteran told the Post that his father struggled with his mental health but was “adamant about being in control.” Stuart Rouse, 64, was with his wife Christina, 63, their two adult children Christina, 33, and Melissa, 19, and brother Ronald, 57, at their home in Vancouver, Washington, on […]

Israel Defends Its Efforts To Deliver Aid In Gaza Says Just Matter Of Logistics

The war was sparked by Hamas' October 7 surprise attack on Israel (File) Gaza: Israel on Thursday defended its efforts to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip, after harsh criticism of Israel's response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory. The Israeli military siege has restricted the supply of food, water, fuel […]

Nikki Haley Defends Taking Donor Money from Establishment

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Wednesday defended her receipt of donations from establishment figures, calling out recent controversial “prosperity actions” from American citizens associated with Koch. Even the support was exaggerated. She went on to defend her record, saying: I was a conservative warrior. out of my life. When I became governor, I […]

Yankees’ stat guru defends analytics, but indicates changes ahead

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A month after Brian Cashman fiercely defended the Yankees’ analytics department, the man who runs it insists their model hasn’t gotten old. Assistant general manager Michael Fishman said the Yankees have been trying to adjust their analysis process over the years, even though recent results have been unsatisfactory. “When we develop a […]

Climate change reporter defends world leaders flying to Dubai for summit

Axios’ senior climate correspondent on Sunday argued that world leaders need to fly in rather than meet virtually to “move the needle” at the latest climate change summit. The United Nations’ COP28 opened on Thursday, with several high-profile individuals, including the president’s special envoy for climate change, John Kerry, flying to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, […]

LA homeowner defends toddler and turf from four home invaders, wins duel

Police responded to a report of a burglary at a home in Los Angeles early Saturday morning and found a dead body and blood stains. Neither belonged to the homeowner, but the homeowner’s two-handed security system won against the four home invaders. according to Three to four men in their 20s entered a Granada Hills […]