‘Star Wars’ actress Daisy Ridley developed holes in her stomach due to severe anxiety

Daisy Ridley had extreme anxiety while filming Star Wars as she dealt with the fame that came with the series.

Ridley told Inverse that accepting the role of Rey changed her acting career 10 years ago.

Ms. Ridley, 31, said that “Star Wars” director J.J. Abrams told her, “I want you to understand the scale. This is not a movie role. This is a people’s religion. This is on a level you can’t even imagine.” I remember saying, “I’m going to change things.”

“When all the craziness was going on, I thought, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m coping, everything is fine.’ And for the most part, I was fine.” she told the outlet. “But I think what really bothered me was that it was normal for me, but not normal for other people.”

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J.J. Abrams warned Daisy Ridley that her role in Star Wars would bring her fame. (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV)

Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill at the Star Wars premiere

Daisy Ridley co-starred with Mark Hamill as Rey in the Star Wars series. (Getty Images)

Due to the fame that came with his new role, Ridley began to feel isolated.

“For friends and family and people who see things a little differently than you, it’s about you and your projection in that world and what it’s like to do this or that.” said Ridley. “And you say, ‘Well, actually, I’m just a human being apart from that.'” It’s a struggle between reality and fantasy that is often projected onto you. ”

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Ridley said the extreme anxiety she was experiencing by the time The Last Jedi premiered in 2017 left her with a “hole in my stomach.” At the time, she took six months off before starting filming The Rise of Skywalker. . ”

Daisy Ridley at the premiere

Daisy Ridley’s extreme anxiety left a hole in the lining of her stomach. (Kar-wai Tan/WireImage via Getty Images)


The actress first spoke about her health issues in a 2020 interview with GQ.

“I saw a picture of me at the London premiere. [for ‘The Last Jedi’]And I was so skinny and my skin was terrible,” she revealed, “My body just went crazy. I got tested and found that my body wasn’t getting any nutrients at all. It turned out. I was like a little skeleton and I was so tired. I turned into a ghost.”

Star Wars appears on the red carpet

John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Mark Hamill attend the Star Wars: The Last Jedi photocall in 2017. (Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images)

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiered in 2019, and just three months later, the coronavirus pandemic shut down the world, giving Ridley a chance to overcome his fears.

“After the last Star Wars movie came out and everything went quiet, I was like, ‘What the heck?’ I was sad,” Ridley told Inverse.

“Having to sit and be still in lockdown has really helped me in ways I didn’t expect,” she added. “I realized there were a lot of things that weren’t being handled properly.”