Starbucks revamping US coffee shops to be more ‘inclusive’

Starbucks said it is rolling out a refreshed look across its chain of more than 16,300 U.S. stores to make the coffee ordering experience more accessible and “inclusive.”

The Union Market Starbucks in Washington, D.C., unveiled a new design Friday, featuring a new POS system with electric doors, a portable tiltable stand, voice assistance, screen magnification and photos of menu items.

“Imagine trying to make sure someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language speaks English. [the order] Providing accurate and excellent service. You will have a chance to see them through some visual clues. ” Sarah Trilling of Starbucks North America told CNBC..

The countertop has also been lowered and has an overhang, making it more accessible for people in wheelchairs and those with service dogs. This is part of what Starbucks calls its “Inclusive Space Framework.”

Starbucks announced it is rolling out a more inclusive and accessible design across its portfolio of more than 16,300 U.S. stores. The refreshed look debuted Friday at Javanese Giant’s Washington, D.C., store in Union Market. Starbucks
The more accessible design includes countertops with overhangs, which Starbucks says can better accommodate customers in wheelchairs or with service dogs. Starbucks

Starbucks also made the behind-the-counter experience more comfortable for staff with disabilities by introducing the new Clover Vertica system for brewing drip coffee. This system features a larger dial and protruding buttons, as well as a light to indicate when the coffee is ready.

When your order is ready, it will appear on a large status board at the end of the bar, providing a visual cue.

Starbucks also optimized the new design’s acoustics for customers with hearing loss by using materials that “reduce unwanted background noise and reverberation that can interfere with assistive devices such as hearing aids.” According to the press release.

New soft lighting features also minimize glare, shadows, and backlighting that can make viewing difficult.

Additionally, the floor plan is completely barrier-free and has a good view.

The new Clover Vertica system is a more comprehensive coffee machine with a larger dial, protruding buttons, and a light to indicate when the coffee is finished brewing. Starbucks

Starbucks plans for its entire U.S. chain to follow in the same footsteps, including more than 600 new stores scheduled to open this year.

Trilling argued to CNBC that building a more accessible customer experience won’t cost more than the Seattle-based Java giant’s current design.

“We think this is something that will help us in terms of connecting with our customers. It will help us in terms of employee engagement,” she said.

A Starbucks spokesperson told the Post that the Inclusive Space Framework “also helps expand independence, choice and convenience for all people across physical and digital spaces.”

Starbucks’ new floor plan is handicapped accessible, with softer lighting and materials that reduce ambient noise, a benefit for customers who use hearing aids. Starbucks

The chain recently announced new additions to its menu. It is an oleate drink infused with olive oil, and began being rolled out nationwide on January 30th.

The signature drink is infused with Partanna’s extra virgin olive oil, a combination that has caused some unfortunate stomach problems.

“Half the team tried it yesterday and a few of us ended up…wanting to go to the bathroom, you know what I mean…I’m honestly scared to try it because I’m already… Because I have stomach and intestinal problems,” the person, believed to be a Starbucks barista, later wrote.Drink release A subreddit thread titled “Olive Oil Drinks.”

The line includes the Oleato Caffe Latte, made with a blonde espresso roast infused with extra virgin olive oil steamed with oat milk. Oleato ice shake espresso with aromas of hazelnuts, espresso, oat milk, and olive oil. There is also a cold brew type made with extra virgin olive oil, milk foam, and cold brew.



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