Stefanik accuses Harvard of allowing student behind ‘well-documented antisemitic hate crime’ to graduate

Fox’s first – Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, chair of the House Republican Committee, wrote a scathing letter to leaders at Harvard University, calling for the assault on Jewish students on campus after the Oct. 7 attack. He claimed that the investigation was making slow progress. In Israel, an Ivy League school will effectively allow one of its perpetrators to graduate “despite having committed a well-documented anti-Semitic hate crime.”

The letter, addressed to Harvard University Interim President Dr. Alan Garber and Harvard University Senior Fellow Penny Pritzker, states that on October 18, 2023, Harvard University’s Palestine Solidarity Committee conducted a “die-in” with Harvard Business. It mentions that. Students at a school hold placards that read “From the River to the Sea” as they protest Israel’s efforts to protect itself following the Oct. 7 Hamast terrorist attack.

“During this event, an Israeli Harvard Business School student recorded the act and was immediately surrounded by a mob of anti-Israel demonstrators who assaulted and harassed him,” Stefanik wrote. “These assailants blocked his path and grabbed him repeatedly, shouting ‘shame, shame, shame!'” This assault has been well documented, and many of these protesters’ The actions were understandably outraged and condemned by many alumni who called for accountability. ”

Stefanik cited documents obtained by the House Education and Labor Committee showing that Harvard hired the law firm of Jenner & Block to conduct an independent investigation into the Oct. 18 incident. Stefanik said Jenner & Block met with the victim’s attorney from the law firm Holtzman Vogel in early January 2024 and received relevant video evidence about the case.

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Anti-Israel demonstrators rally at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 2023. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images)

“Further information indicates that local prosecutors are currently negotiating court dates with the two Harvard students who assaulted the victims.” On March 25, Holtzman Vogel announced the “clerk’s office” in the criminal case. I learned that the public hearing has been postponed to May 7th. ” Stefanik wrote. “One of the perpetrators in the incident, a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School, is scheduled to graduate in May 2024. This postponement allows the perpetrator to commit well-documented anti-Semitic acts. He will earn the lifelong honor of being a Harvard alumnus.” This is a hate crime against a fellow student. ”

“While justice in this case should have been swift, the delay in the trial, especially in allowing anti-Semitic students to graduate, is an affront to accountability and to Harvard University, which has allowed anti-Semitism to continue.” “This shows the cultural rot in the leadership of the country,” Stefanik wrote.

Stefanik accused former Harvard University President Claudine Gay of anti-Semitic behavior when she failed to say during Congressional testimony in December that calls for genocide against Jews violated school policy. It also pointed out that he also claimed that “disciplinary proceedings are underway” against those who did so.

“This has been proven false, and Harvard has shown no evidence of punishment for those who commit crimes and violate Harvard’s Code of Conduct.”

Stefanik slams Harvard president at Congressional hearing

Representative Elise Stefanik (RN.Y.) during a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on Tuesday, December 5, 2023 in Washington, DC, USA. (Jiang Haiyun/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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The House Republican chairman added, “The same lack of accountability applies to faculty who have recently threatened Jewish students but are still employed by the university.” “The recent incidents in which Harvard University sheltered people who hate Jews are disgusting. As a Harvard graduate, giving this student the title of Harvard Alumnus is an honor to all who came before him. At a time when support for Harvard and the number of applicants was declining, university leaders hated Jewish students and faculty and brought them into disrepute. I have continued to choose to stand by those who have failed to keep us safe.”

In a separate March 22 letter to Jenner & Block, Professor Holzman Vogel said that even though five months had passed since the incident occurred, “the university’s internal processes have not been fully implemented. “There appears to be an impasse,” and he demanded to know why an external investigation initiated by Jenner & Block “has not made any progress.” Before. Fox News Digital obtained a redacted version of the letter that suppressed the names of the students involved.

Harvard student dies for Palestine

Anti-Israel protest involving students and their supporters on the lawn of Harvard Business School on October 18, 2023. (Pat Greenhouse/Boston Globe via Getty Images)

“Indeed, when you first contacted our office to request additional information more than two months ago, and when we discussed this issue, you expressed your desire for the University to address this issue quickly. “Now is the time to act, as one of our students is rapidly approaching his potential.”The letter states, “One of our students is rapidly approaching his potential and now is the time to act.” The university charges that it has not taken any disciplinary action against students involved in the mistreatment of clients, with the exception of one student at Harvard Divinity School. (HDS) has reportedly lost its supervisory privileges at Harvard University.

The office went on to say that the Jewish student who was witnessed being assaulted on “video from multiple cameras and from various angles” went on to report the incident to the school, but faced online harassment. He said he continues to do so.

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“Meanwhile, directly targeted defamatory posts written after the incident remain online today, easily accessible at this very moment,” the letter said. There is. “Actually, Harvard University P.S.C. [Palestine Solidarity Committee] continues to feature client photos on its official X feed, which has been retweeted over 21,000 times and liked by over 45,000 people. This definitely means Harvard University’s approval. Additionally, HBS Affinity’s chat remains posted with at least two posts of him by current students at his school of business, which refer to our clients as “Zionist invaders” and his Photos are also included. ”

Fox News Digital reached out to Harvard University for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.