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Struggling to fall asleep? Try this simple trick to drift off quickly

For those who are worried get enough sleepABC could be the key to getting more Zzzs.

A sleep shortcut that’s trending on TikTok uses the alphabet to help people fall asleep.

Sleep experts shared their thoughts on unconventional ways to get a restful night.

Having trouble sleeping? It could be due to this surprising reason, experts say

Although this technique is not new, it has become popular on social media in recent weeks.

Here’s how it works: Those who want to sleep choose a category, such as a song title, a vacation destination, or anything else that strikes their fancy, and think of something for every letter of the alphabet.

A sleep shortcut that’s trending on TikTok uses the alphabet to help people fall asleep. (St. Petersburg)

For example, if the category is color, A would be aqua, B would be blue, C would be chartreuse, and so on.

The idea is that over time, exercise lulls a person to sleep.

There are other variations of the alphabet hack, such as depicting writing and erasing each letter to induce sleep.

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Sleep expert Jeff Kahn based in chicago The co-founder and CEO of Rise Science, the company behind the sleep and energy tracking app RISE, says that although the alphabet method has not been studied, it can be effective in distracting people from not being able to sleep. He pointed out that there is a high possibility that

“In this way, a larger category of distraction techniques can be effective for sleep, anxiety, and stress. pain managementamong other challenges,” he told FOX News Digital.

“You can’t force sleep. Thinking about falling asleep or how you can’t sleep is a surefire way to delay sleep.”


If sleep deprivation is interfering with your quality of life, experts recommend talking to your doctor about diagnosing a sleep disorder or other underlying medical condition. (St. Petersburg)

Dr. Chelsea Loescheib, a neuroscientist and sleep expert at Wesper in New York, says that many people’s minds go into overdrive when they’re trying to sleep, which makes it difficult for their brains and bodies to relax. He pointed out that it can lead to insomnia and sleep deprivation. quality.

“The alphabet hack allows you to stop focusing on stimuli and stimuli. stressful thoughtsIt calms brain activity and helps the brain enter its first sleep stage,” she told FOX News Digital.

alternative sleep hacks

If the alphabet method doesn’t work, there are other creative techniques to help you fall asleep.

“Alternatives include meditation and deep breathing exercises, which not only quiet the mind but also focus on slowing your heart rate and breathing, making it easier to fall asleep,” says Lohr. Ta.

“You can’t force sleep. Thinking about falling asleep is a surefire way to delay falling asleep.”

If none of these techniques work, he recommends getting out of bed, going to another quiet, dimly lit area, and doing a relaxing activity like reading or listening to music until you feel sleepy.

Mr Khan agreed with that advice.

sleep triple split

“You can’t force sleep. Thinking about falling asleep or how you can’t fall asleep is a surefire way to delay falling asleep,” experts say. (St. Petersburg)

“A good rule of thumb is if you can’t fall asleep within 20 to 30 minutes, abandon the pursuit, get out of bed, and do something relaxing or distracting in as little or as little light as possible.” he advised. .

“Let the sleepiness wash away before you go back to bed. Sleep doctors call this a ‘sleep reset.'”

Another technique that works for many people, both experts say, is to gradually tense and relax your muscles.

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“If you take a hot shower right before bed, your core body temperature will drop quickly when you step outside, stimulating your brain and making you feel sleepy,” Lohr added.

Optimizing sleep hygiene

“Decades of sleep science research shows that maintaining good sleep hygiene is the best way to sleep regularly, stay asleep, and feel good. function at its best While I was awake,” Khan told FOX News Digital.

sleeping girl

Optimizing your sleep hygiene is the best way to “fall asleep regularly, stay asleep, and feel and function at your best during your waking hours,” sleep doctors warn. . (St. Petersburg)

General best practices include maintaining a regular sleep schedule, cutting out caffeine 12 hours before bedtime, avoiding late meals and alcohol, exposing yourself to sunlight each morning, and keeping your bedroom as cool and dark as possible. This includes keeping quiet.

When to ask for help

If you’ve tried everything, including optimizing your sleep environment and sleep habits, and sleep deprivation is still interfering with your quality of life, experts recommend: talk to doctor Regarding evaluation of sleep disorders and other underlying diseases.


“Sleep anxiety can make insomnia worse, and insomnia amplifies anxiety, so it’s a good idea to seek help early,” Khan says.

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