Trucker fell asleep at wheel in leadup to wreck that killed 3 PA workers

A truck driver fell asleep on the shoulder of a Pennsylvania highway in April before colliding with a construction vehicle, killing three workers, authorities said Friday. Truck driver acquitted in New Hampshire motorcycle accident testifies to give back license The 24-year-old driver from Roxbury, Massachusetts, fell asleep on Interstate 83, about 8 miles south of […]

Struggling to fall asleep? Try this simple trick to drift off quickly

For those who are worried get enough sleepABC could be the key to getting more Zzzs. A sleep shortcut that’s trending on TikTok uses the alphabet to help people fall asleep. Sleep experts shared their thoughts on unconventional ways to get a restful night. Having trouble sleeping? It could be due to this surprising reason, […]

Trump lawyer Habba calls reports he’s falling asleep in court ‘unlikely’

Alina Haba, a lawyer and spokeswoman for former President Trump, said in an interview Tuesday that it was “possible” that Trump fell asleep in court during the first two days of jury selection in his hush money case in Manhattan. Not likely.” . “If anything, I think he’s just really bored,” Haba told Fox News’ […]

Probe Reveals Indonesian Pilots Fell Asleep For 30 Minutes On Flight With 153 People

The Batik Air flight was on a route from southeast Sulawesi to Jakarta. In a shocking incident, two Indonesian pilots of Batik Air reportedly fell asleep for about 30 minutes during the flight with passengers on board. guardian. The pilot and co-pilot slept simultaneously for approximately 28 minutes. According to a preliminary report by the […]

How to fall asleep anywhere in 120 seconds or less

Make coffee in a pot. Get a non-cushioned, straight-backed chair like the ones you’ll find at the DMV. If possible, please turn on lighting such as fluorescent some machine gun sound Loop at maximum volume. Take a seat, close your eyes and relax. That’s how legendary sprinting coach Bud Winter taught many Navy pilots […]