Sunday with Janice Dickinson: ‘Growing up in Florida it was all about surfing’ | Sunday with…

What time do you wake up? Start spreading your toes around 10am. It’s time for me to go to the gym and my brain knows it. “I should go to the gym,” I think. I feel much better leaving the gym than walking in.

What’s for breakfast? I’ve been hooked on toast lately. I’m digging sourdough made with salted butter from England or Ireland. Sometimes I add a little honey or avocado or blueberry jam. Depends on my mood.

A little fresh air? I have two Vizslas, Jack and Jimmy. They are Hungarian bird dogs and need to run a lot, so I take them to the park, let them off leash, and run them up and down while greeting everyone.

Are you growing on Sunday? Our house was in Florida, about 12 blocks from the ocean, so I put my beach towel, sunscreen, and snacks in my bike basket and rode my bike to this surf spot where people were hanging out. We spent the whole day surfing and watching the waves. I’ve been doing it since I was 9 or 10 years old.

Is it a memorable Sunday? A few weeks ago I found out that I have a granddaughter. My son invited us to his house and let us open the press. It was “Etch a Sketch” with news written on it. They saw me reading and started crying. I was so happy that I couldn’t put my feet on the ground for about an hour.

Sunday night? reading a book by barbra streisand my name is barbra. It’s hard to get into at first, but if you can push yourself to keep going, it’s worth it. Or there’s always Netflix.

Have you ever felt blue on a Sunday night? Certainly, I think everyone does. I would be lying if I said I didn’t understand. “How many hours do I have left to call my own?” Sunday night is mine!

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