Suspect in NYC hotel murder, Raad Almansoori , had ‘blank eyes’ as he allegedly choked former Florida coworker, woman says

A Florida woman was abducted, sexually assaulted and beheaded in a New York City hotel room by the man suspected of killing her single mother before being arrested this month for stabbing a McDonald’s employee in Arizona. It is believed that he was strangled.

Leah Parian, 26, said she repeated these words Wednesday as she watched with “blank eyes” as Raad al-Mansoori allegedly strangled her inside her Orlando apartment. I hate having to kill you. ”

Parian narrowly escaped the assault in April by persuading her captor and a co-worker at the time to enter a rest area, locking herself in the bathroom and calling 911.

Raad al-Mansoori is pictured in a mugshot photo from his reservation on February 19, 2024. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

She begged Florida prosecutors to keep 26-year-old al-Mansoori in prison, but he was released on bail despite her warning that he could kill the woman.

“I was asking them,” she said. “I thought, ‘Get this guy off the street.’ I guarantee you if you just give him a slap on the wrist and leave him alone, he’ll turn into the next Ted Bundy. I was worried. If he ran away like this, this rush would accelerate even further and he would become a serial killer.”

Almansouri is currently accused of strangling Denise Oleas-Aranchibia, 38, a mother of two from Queens, in her Soho hotel room on February 7th and then beating her to death with an iron. . The two got into an argument, and al-Mansouri got into an argument.

Parian met her now-accused killer (who gave his middle name, Noah) through her job in the kitchen of an upscale Orlando restaurant last year.

The two often spend full eight-hour shifts working together.

Leah Parian was attacked by Raad al-Mansoori in April 2023 in Florida. Facebook

She described him as an odd man with poor social skills. But after her car broke down and she learned that he was cycling to work, Parian offered to give her a ride home, which was not until the assault occurred. It became a daily routine.

One morning, he asked if she could give him a ride to the store and she agreed, letting him sleep on her couch the night before.

But within the walls of his home, Almansouri’s demeanor completely changed, Parian said.

Almansoori is accused of strangling Denise Oleas Aranchibia, 38, a mother of two from Queens, and beating her to death with an iron on February 7 in a SoHo hotel room.

An outgoing, reserved co-worker she knows becomes mean, aggressive, and belligerent after drinking just “half a glass of wine,” calling her a “slut” and telling her that her father doesn’t love her. She said he made strange and sexist comments when he said no.

Since it was around 2 a.m., Parian decided to go to bed and deal with Al-Mansoori’s unusual behavior in the morning.

She said she woke up in bed in the morning wrapped in al-Mansouri.

Parian narrowly escaped the assault in April by persuading her captor and a co-worker at the time to enter a rest area, locking herself in the bathroom and calling 911. Facebook

“I woke up and there was a bear curled up around me in my bed. I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?'” she said.

After an hour of conversation, Almansouri reportedly told Parian that he was in love with her.

She repeatedly asked him to leave the apartment, but Almansoori instead picked up her phone, held it up to her face to unlock it, and read her messages. Parian told the paper that she blocked several men with whom she believed she was cheating.

He then began closing all the blinds and locking the front door, Parian said. She said he then yelled, “I’m going to kill you!”

Investigators believe Al-Mansouri hired the Ecuadorian as a bodyguard, and the two got into an argument that led to Al-Mansouri relenting. DCPI

“He came back with blank eyes, just black eyes,” she said. “He got right on top of me…and started strangling me.”

Al-Mansouri allegedly strangled her while repeating, “I hated that I had to kill her,” but he still didn’t do it.

“You let the devil come out of my body,” Parian said when he finally freed his throat.

However, the alleged attack was not over yet.

Mugshot of Al-Mansoori from Orange County, Florida.

Parian said she became agitated after al-Mansoori nearly strangled her.

She begged the man not to touch her, but he “wouldn’t take no for an answer” and allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on her.

“I thought, ‘How do I know you won’t kill me after that?'” she reportedly asked al-Mansoori. “And all I had to walk away was that he gave me a little promise that he wouldn’t kill me after that.”

Following the alleged sexual assault, the two got into Parian’s car and headed to an auto repair shop.

Al-Mansouri, who was driving the vehicle, is believed to have taunted the alleged victim on the way to the store.

“He starts to become obsessed with this song that he’s playing, like it’s a song about how to get away with murder,” she told the Post.

Fearing for her life, Parian was able to persuade Almansoori to stop at a 7-Eleven to use the restroom.

She said she then locked herself in the bathroom and called 911, but he soon came looking for her.

The man banged on the locked door and asked the manager to open the stall with the key, but Parian immediately told the manager he was calling 911 to report al-Mansouri, and the man fled. Told.

The suspect allegedly fled in her car and was found by police about a day later about two hours north of the Sumter County rest stop.

After everything was over, Al-Mansouri even pawned the bicycle that was in his car, Parian said.

Parian said the suspect was soon charged with numerous charges, including sexual assault.

“There were multiple charges, this was an open case, and I thought everything was going to be okay,” she said.

Oleas Aranchibia made a living working as an escort and is said to have been spending several nights each month at the Soho 54 Hotel for the past year.

But a few days later, when she looked up her case online, all of the more serious charges had disappeared, leaving only the grand larceny charge.

The Florida Attorney’s Office, 9th Judicial Circuit, did not immediately respond to a Post reporter’s questions about why the other charges were dropped.

However, the office’s spokesperson said, told the Daily News “There was insufficient evidence to prove the charges of sexual assault and aggravated assault beyond a reasonable doubt.”

On Tuesday, the detective working on Parian’s case called and told him that Al-Mansoori was a suspect in the murder of a woman in New York City.

“I was in a state of shock. The only thing I can say repeatedly is that I told them this was going to happen…and it did,” she said.

“The state had a lot of ways to prevent this. It was completely preventable,” she told the Post. “Florida’s system is now failing women across the country, and they have blood on their hands.”

Al-Mansouri was released on bail in September and eventually left for the Big Apple at the end of January.

Parian said he had been calling and texting her recently despite the no-contact order, and learned he had done so on the same day he was charged with Oreas Aranchibia’s murder.

She answered the phone on February 7 and asked why al-Mansouri was calling.

“I just want to know how you feel about everything that happened between us,” he replied in a soft voice, she said.

She tells him not to call again and hangs up.

“Why did you treat me so badly? You should never treat a man like that.” Al-Mansoori then emailed her, according to screenshots of texts seen by the paper. .

Almansoori is also accused of assaulting two other women after he allegedly punched Oleas-Arancibia, left her hotel room wearing leggings and fled the state.

He was arrested in Arizona on Sunday on suspicion of kidnapping and stabbing a female McDonald’s employee and carjacking another woman at knifepoint, days after the Manhattan murder.

Parian said she knew she was not the last woman he attacked, believing that being left on the street for too long would turn him into a serial killer.

“One of the remarkable things about a serial killer is that whenever he’s like this, there’s no emotion behind his eyes. It’s like dead eyes, and that’s what he had.” she told the Post. “Behind his eyes, it was like he had no consciousness, no soul.”



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