Sydney Sweeney fans defend Hollywood star after producer says she’s ‘not pretty’ and ‘can’t act’

Sidney Sweeney may be one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars, but some people don’t get why.

Longtime film producer Carol Baum attended a screening of the 1988 film Dead Ringers at the Jacob Burns Film Center in New York, and during the post-screening discussion, she said, He reportedly used the opportunity to criticize both his looks and talent.

“There’s an actress that everyone loves now, Sidney Sweeney,” Baum said. daily mail. “I don’t understand Sidney Sweeney.”

Sidney Sweeney wants to ‘push the limits’ with acting, but doesn’t like rehearsing

Sidney Sweeney (left) was criticized by producer Carol Bohm. (Getty Images)

The producer said he recently watched the hit movie “Anyone But You,” starring Sweeney, on a plane, and “I wanted to know who she was and why everyone was talking about her.” I watched this movie that I can’t watch.I’m sorry.” People who like this movie — [this] A romantic comedy where they hate each other. ”

Mr. Bohm, who also works as a professor at the University of Southern California, continued, “I would tell my class, “Describe this girl. She’s not pretty, and she can’t act. Why is she so attractive?” “I did,” he continued.

She said “no one could answer” her questions.

Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Boehm did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.

Sidney Sweeney

Sidney Sweeney has attracted a lot of attention both for her looks and her acting skills. (Getty Images)

Baum has been working as a film producer since the ’80s, producing films such as Father of the Bride and Fly Away Home.

Sweeney began his career as a child actor, earning his first acting credit when he was a preteen. Since then, she has continued to perform well, but she made her breakthrough with the drama “Euphoria,” which began airing in 2019, and also received a lot of attention for the romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” in which she co-starred. Glen Powell.

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Fans of the actress took to social media to protest Baum’s comments, with one person writing of X: “Acting style is up to one’s interpretation, but saying Sidney Sweeney isn’t cute must be a joke.”

sidney sweeney

Sidney Sweeney was nominated for this year’s People’s Choice Award for her role in “Anyone But You.” (Getty Images)

“I’ve never heard of this ‘producer’ before,” another person commented. “Sydney is as charming as anyone. And she was great on SNL.”

One comment read: “It’s hard to say who is really the better actor, so maybe you could argue that. But it’s weird to say she’s not pretty. This girl is gorgeous. She Her body and hair are near perfect. Even though you wouldn’t have thought she was so beautiful, she’s far from ugly.”

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Another said: “Obviously a crazy statement. This woman is incredibly beautiful.”

Sydney Sweeney in a transparent off-white dress shows her bra split at the back of the low-back dress

Sidney Sweeney is being defended by fans. (Getty Images)

“I think Sidney Sweeney’s hotness is one of the few things most Americans agree on right now,” user X joked.


Sweeney has been nominated for several awards for his performance. She received Emmy nominations for Euphoria and White Lotus, and was nominated for Best Comedy Movie Star at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this year for her role in Anyone But You.