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Are Conservative Lawmakers Holding Financial Institutions Accountable?

The recent news of Bank of America being fined $250 million for engaging in illegal practices has once again raised concerns about the accountability of financial institutions. Bank of America’s Illegal Practices: Bank of America has been ordered to pay a substantial amount in penalties and customer compensation due to a range of illegal practices. […]

Louisiana moves forward with plan to hold schools accountable with new grading system

Louisiana is preparing to hold K-12 schools accountable by overhauling their grading system to raise achievement standards. A state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education committee approved a new grading plan on Tuesday, with a full board vote set for Wednesday, a state Department of Education spokesperson told the Washington Examiner. While a similar measure failed […]

‘It Is Not Anti-Science’ to Hold NIH Accountable for Coverup

Whether justice will be delivered to those involved in the effort to avoid oversight and deflect scrutiny from EcoHealth Alliance’s research at Wuhan is uncertain. What’s clear is that the NIH is a broken institution. The effort to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID-19 is more than four years in the making. And while […]

‘It’s a Good Thing’ Trump Was Accountable, But It Needed ‘Novel Legal Theory’

On Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” David Axelrod, a senior CNN political commentator and adviser to former President Barack Obama, said he believes “it’s a good thing in this country that if anybody breaks the law, they’re held accountable.” But he acknowledged that while the case against former President Donald Trump, a 2024 Republican […]

Who will keep the Supreme Court accountable if it won’t police itself? 

Controversy over Justice Samuel Alito flying the American flag upside down — Donald Trump “Stop the Steal” Campaign — A few days after the incident January 6thNumber Attack on the Capitol It would be outrageous if this was just another example of Supreme Court misconduct, ignoring rules designed to ensure that judges decide cases fairly […]

Biden in Florida: Voters will ‘hold Trump accountable’ for abortion ban

President Joe Biden slammed former President Donald Trump for “making a deal with MAGA extremists” that led to the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision tearing down federal abortion protections included in Roe v. Wade. Biden has spent months tying Trump and the three Supreme Court justices he nominated to a rash of state abortion bans enacted […]

GOP lawmakers demand Biden admin prosecute ‘pro-terrorist mobs,’ hold schools accountable

Fox’s first appearance: Republican senators on Tuesday called on President Biden’s attorney general and education secretary to take immediate action to address escalating anti-Semitic encampments on college campuses, calling on “violence against Jewish students.” and prosecute the rioters who perpetuated the threat.” In a letter signed by 27 Republicans, led by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), […]