Republican Bill to Exempt Turbans from Motorcycle Helmets Advances in California

A bill proposed by California Senator Brian Dahl (R-Bieber) that would exempt those who wear religious turbans or head coverings from state laws requiring them to wear motorcycle helmets. was passed by the state Senate last week. Former Republican gubernatorial nominee Dale, who ran against Gavin Newsom (Democrat) in 2022, proposed the bill after being […]

Key House Committee Advances Debt Ceiling Bill Despite Freedom Caucus Revolt

The House Rules Committee voted 7-6 on Tuesday night to push the Fiscal Responsibility Act to the entire House over the opposition of two members of the House of Representatives. A bill to raise the debt ceiling to 2025 is now set to be voted on in the plenary session on Wednesday. Republican Rep. Ralph […]

House Rules Committee narrowly advances bill to raise debt ceiling

The House Rules Committee on Tuesday narrowly passed a bipartisan bill to raise the federal debt ceiling to $31.4 trillion despite Republican opposition. A Republican-led committee voted 7-6 to pass the 99-page bill to the House, but no Democrats joined the Republican endorsement. Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) and Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina) voted against the […]

Biden admin advances first-ever wind leasing in Gulf of Mexico amid calls for moratorium

On Tuesday, the Biden administration was inching closer to getting the go-ahead to sell offshore wind energy leases across about 682,000 acres in the Gulf of Mexico. The Bureau of Marine Energy Management (BOEM) has released a final environmental assessment that it said was a “significant milestone” as part of the Biden administration’s goal of […]

Biden administration advances two renewable energy transmission projects in Nevada

The Department of the Interior on Thursday announced the push for two new proposed renewable energy transmission projects in Nevada, which together are expected to generate about 8 gigawatts. In a call with reporters on Thursday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) began the environmental review process and environmental impact draft for the Greenlink North […]

Do advances in AI risk a future of human incompetence?

Imagine you have a magic box. Push this box and you’ll soon create deliverables that exceed the quality of all but your most talented colleagues. why not push? how often? Now imagine everyone has this magic box. What incentives will it create? How will those incentives shape the future of humanity? These are important questions. […]

Senate Banking Committee Advances Controversial Nominees

The Senate Banking Committee on Thursday nominated a candidate to support defunding the police and a candidate to support the Green New Deal. Senate Banking Committee Altitude Solomon Greene, a housing and urban development (HUD) candidate, and Jared Bernstein, a Biden confidant and candidate for the next White House Economic Advisory Council chairman. Senator Sherrod […]