Investing $1 million: Wealth managers, financial advisors share tips – CNBC

As the new year begins and interest rates are at multi-year highs, many investors may be wondering how best to invest their money in 2024, given the uncertainty facing the market. unknown. Thomas Heller, chief investment officer at Switzerland-based Belvedere Asset Management, said his first advice to clients with a long-term horizon is to stay […]

Biden’s advisors fear Trump is winning the political battle as auto workers strike

According to a recent Politico article, President Biden’s allies are “worried that President Donald Trump is outwitting them with his decision to head to Detroit for a speech next week on the autoworkers strike.” That’s what it means. The article, published Tuesday, found that former President Donald Trump was running a “more sophisticated campaign than […]

Disney’s Iger lures back former executives as advisors

Jeff Shika, founder of Circle Squared Alternative Investments, tells Verney & Co. how much he expects Apple and Amazon stocks to rise. Disney CEO Bob Iger is reportedly reaching out to his past, bringing back two former executives to help guide the media giant, according to multiple sources. ing. Multiple news sources say Kevin Mayer […]

AI technology unlikely to fully replace financial advisors: Morningstar

zeta global [NYSE: ZETA] CEO David Steinberg offers his take on AI taking over human jobs in “Making Money.” the beginning of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology could have a big impact on the wealth management industry, but the role of human financial advisors is unlikely to be automated, according to one major financial services […]