AI and algorithms used to analyze the aging process of whiskies from Scotland

Over two years, Diageo used AI and algorithms to analyze different Scotch whiskies. Alcoholic drinks company Diageo has invested $230 million in a portfolio of whiskey tourism projects. More than $44 million of this lump sum went toward his exploration of aging whiskey using a technology called SmokeDNAi. The team used SmokeDNAi to test and […]

Lynda Carter, 72, reveals secrets to aging gracefully

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Our aging candidates spark a valuable discussion on brain health

When are you too old to work? How do you assess competency? These questions are now, in the future, 80s If they are elected president for a second term. This is a time when people are nearing retirement, cementing their legacies, imparting wisdom to the next generation, and enjoying the fruits of their labor while […]

Germany warns aging society will lead to huge worker shortage

Germany’s Economics Minister Robert Haveck said on Wednesday that the biggest challenge for Europe’s biggest economy will be constraining growth due to labor shortages, after Berlin cut its outlook for this year. The government forecasts economic growth this year to be 0.2%, lower than previously expected as weak global demand, geopolitical uncertainty and persistently high […]

Multivitamins could slow cognitive decline associated with aging: Research

A new study shows that multivitamins may slow age-related cognitive decline. the study, published A paper published last Thursday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people over the age of 60 who took a daily multivitamin saw a “moderate benefit” on overall cognition over a two-year period. discovered. Researchers at Brigham, Mass., […]

Concerns rise over aging voting scanners in New Hampshire’s primary

Many New Hampshire voters will use ballot scanners that are at least 15 years old in the upcoming primary. Election experts say the aging scanners pose no new security risks, but their age and potential for failure raise concerns. As a small city, Franklin doesn't have any backup machines, so if it breaks down, it […]


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