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Google News Ranks AI-Generated Spam as Top Results Above Actual Stories

Despite recent algorithm changes aimed at improving search quality, Google News continues to face challenges with spammy AI-generated content appearing in top results, frequently outperforming original reporting. Wired Report While artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace on the internet, Google News is grappling with a persistent problem of a proliferation of spam AI-generated content in […]

Collina Strada’s Baggu collab under fire for AI-generated prints

Clients will want designers to stop messing around with AI. New York-based fashion brand Collina Strada has faced criticism online after employing artificial intelligence in the design process for its latest collection with BAGGU. $70 horse-shaped bag since then It became a hot topic. While both brands pride themselves on sustainability, consumers claim that the […]

Toys ‘R’ Us Launches Creepy AI-Generated Commercial, Gets Mocked for It

Toys R Us has partnered with ad agency Native Foreign to create what it claims is the first-ever “branded film” using OpenAI’s new text-to-video conversion tool, Sora, and the creepy result has been met with widespread derision on social media. Ars Technical Reports Retail giant Toys “R” Us has taken a surprising step towards the […]

AI-generated voice of announcer of Al Michaels set to tackle Paris Olympics recaps

As the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris approaches, a number of well-known announcers are set to lend their voices to the Olympic broadcast. But longtime NFL play-by-play announcer Al Michaels isn’t ready to take on that heavy lifting. NBC announced that an artificial intelligence-generated version of Michaels’ voice will be used to narrate Olympic highlights […]

AI-generated video of Justin Timberlake drinking beer shocks fans

An eerily AI-generated video of Justin Timberlake chugging beer in his now-infamous arrest photo has been circulating on social media, with many fans shocked by how “realistic” it seems. The short video, originally created by AI guru Edmund Yang, has already been viewed more than 18,000 times since it was published. Post online on wednesday. […]

Consumers are turned off by AI-generated content in media

A recent survey revealed that more consumers are against watching and consuming content generated by artificial intelligence than in favor. However, it is becoming more acceptable for everyday tasks to be performed by AI and non-human content, such as games and animations. A survey of U.S. consumers by Variety Intelligence Platform and HarrisX revealed stark […]

Michigan GOP candidate, Anthony Hudson, stands by AI-generated MLK Jr. endorsement video

It was an artificial endorsement. A Republican congressional candidate from Michigan on Friday retracted an apology he initially made for a video published on his TikTok account that featured an artificial intelligence-generated narration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The re-enacted voice of the slain civil rights leader endorses Anthony Hudson for representative of […]

FACT CHECK: Image Of Trump Appearing To Be Apprehended By Police Is AI-Generated

An image shared on Instagram purports to show 2024 presumptive Republican nominee and former President Donald Trump appearing to be apprehended by police. Verdict: False The claim is false. A content detection scan using the website “Hive Moderation” reveals the image is 99% likely to have been generated with artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, a […]

REPORT: New Viral Slogan Targeting Israel’s Campaign In Rafah Is AI-Generated

Artificial intelligence (AI) is responsible for a new viral slogan targeting Israel’s military campaign in Rafah, according to multiple reports. “All eyes on Rafah,” the image indicates, with rows of tents used to spell out the words amid what appeared to be millions of other tents stretching up to vanishing point against a mountainous horizon. […]

AI-Generated ‘All Eyes On Rafah’ Pic Criticised For Being “Removed From Reality”

As smoke rises from the Gaza sky, charred and wounded bodies are strewn around the ruined “safe zone” camp. Israeli military operations in Rafah this week have killed 45 civilians and injured hundreds, mostly women and children, outraging the international community, which has condemned the Israeli attacks in Rafah and called for a ceasefire. The […]